“A true man of God will not take the easy road if it involves compromise.”

A very vital challenge in this parenting revival is the call of the Spirit of God, and clearly defined in Scripture, to not limit the children God wants to give us.

Despite the resistance of many throughout the Christian church toward this aspect of parenting revival, there continues to be a small stream of parents whose hearts God has touched and who are teachable to this challenge.

This truth is most challenging because it cuts across the status quo of most churches. I believe with all my heart that it is high time that all “so called” Bible believing Christians reexamine the Scriptures about limiting the godly seed.

Many Christian woman sacrifice raising children on the altar of careerism, and most Christian husbands do not care to ask why? Most churches applaud the working woman while the stay at home mother receives no praise or encouragement.

Most of us men are blindly following the crowd. But is it right to follow the crowd?

Be encouraged. Colin

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