It's high time to take our stand.

This movement has been, and continues to be part of the growing revival of parenting. Compared to most other countries, USA, with well over a million families homeschooling, is by far advanced in this aspect of parental revival.

When the Bible was removed from being openly accepted as the vital foundation of our nation's education in 1963, concerned and committed Christian parents were more than a little concerned.

As their children were exposed to evolutionism, and are now more and more being influenced by homosexuality, atheism, socialism and communism, their concern is intensified. Sex education in public schools has definitely turned committed Christians away from state education.

Their precious children's innocency must be protected. Added to the influence of some (not all teachers thankfully), is the influence of ungodly peers may seriously endanger the Christian ethic parents desire for their children.

For the sake of the next generation, all seriously minded Christian parents should seriously consider pulling their children out of state education.

Homeschooling is a vital part of the parenting revival.

Be encouraged. Colin

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