While at the Homeschool Convention in Memphis, Tennessee this last weekend I heard of a speaker who took a workshop on TEN WAYS TO ROCK YOUR WIFE'S WORLD. I did not get to attend myself but two of the ways that were mentioned to me caught my attention.

1. Most husbands in USA could lose about 30 lbs of weight. This would keep them healthier and living longer for their wives. I have had to really battle with this ever since I was about 40 years of age. For the past several weeks I have started a new lifestyle of alternate day eating. I eat normal healthy food and whatever I want for one day. The next day (the alternate day) I eat only 20 percent of the calories I would eat normally, eating mostly salads or thin soups. It seems to be working for me and promises many health benefits.

2. Tidy up after yourself. I reckon I could do better on this and so it's up to me to be a man and step up to the plate.

Be encouraged. Colin

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