Jesus says in John 15:1, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.” Jesus, the Son of God, describes His father as a husbandman. What a wonderful description of a Father. We men would be wise to take note. I was excited when the Holy Spirit first highlighted to me the amazing description of the true prototype of fatherhood.

A husbandman is a vinedresser. I have never actually grown a grape vine, but I understand that it requires much wisdom, knowledge and work to be a successful vinedresser. Although men know they are the husband of their wife, many fail to realize the magnitude of what it really means to be a husbandman—a keeper, tender and cultivator of vines.

A friend of the family in New Zealand grew specialty grapes for the Japanese market and exported them daily to Japan. Over the years he developed an enormous amount of wisdom and knowledge on how to grow the very best grapes. He was successful and worked hard to maintain his success.

Could we not be as enthusiastic about our family vines as this man was about his “specialty” grapes? We must see our children as “specialty” grapes, the very best!

To be continued tomorrow.

Be encouraged. Colin Campbell

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