Psalm 144:15, “Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.”

To the Romans, Caesar was lord. Whatever Caesar said, it had to be obeyed--or lookout! Many Christians living in this free country where we have the liberty to educate our own children even through college, still act as though the state is lord.

Most, if not all the homeschool programs and curriculums have been put together by some of the nation’s best educators and are readily available. Therefore, why do multitudes of believers still send their children to where they will be influenced by humanism and progressive liberalism? Many regard the doctor’s counsel as equal to God’s counsel.

Have we regarded the government education system as lord? If it is true that God is our Lord, the One whose will we seek to follow, then is it His will that we send our impressionable children to day care centers and state learning centers? If we think in the affirmative, then we have indeed been dumbed down.

The state likes to think they own your children. But, God gave your children into your hands to polish and straighten. State institutions do not polish and straighten arrows to hit the mark for God. Fathers, do not pass of your responsibility to others. That is wimpiness!

If this nation is to arise out of this slump in which we find ourselves, it will be because we make God our Lord. We must seek to do His will, and then we will be happy as the Scripture testifies.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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