Speaking about Eli the priest, 1 Samuel 3:13 says, “His sons made themselves vile, and he restrained them not.”

I want to address again the subject of passivity. This is not a time for passivity, but a time to take action. Instead of rising up as one man to resist evil, the church in general remains passive. The salt has lost its saltiness.

Men, we need to take a stand against the sin of passivity, both in our own personal lives, and in the lives of our family. Passivity is a very crippling paralysis.

An article sent to me via the Chalcedon entitled The Push is on! describes how state schools in Toronto, Alberta and also in British Columbia are being bombarded with homosexual curriculum. The article also quotes World Net Daily saying that “gender liberation” will be the next big thing in public education, first in California, and then spreading to other states.

The article also states that the California Teachers Association has 325,000 dues-paying members who enthusiastically support abolishing “gender stereotypes” and doing away with the acknowledgement of all distinctions between male and female. Schools will be expected to install “gender-neutral” lavatories.

Here in Tennessee where I live, the state has outlawed all sex education in primary and middle schools, thanks be to God. However, I am not sure about this being the case in college and state universities. In any case, the homosexuals are not accepting this ruling and they are screaming!

The article mentioned above bemoans the passivity of the leaders of main line churches for their reluctance to stand up and speak out. Will the church, through passivity, allow the nation’s youth to be perverted and their morals decayed? Will not God hold leadership accountable?

I believe it is high time to pull out en masse from state education and send a strong message to our nation’s legislators that we will not put up with this corruption any longer.

Be encouraged to take action. Colin Campbell

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