Psalm 144:2 says “That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth.”

What a huge blessing it is to a family to have sons “grown up in their youth.” This blessing also extends to the nation. This is a picture of sons who are mature and acting as adults in their behavior and character, even though they are still in their youth. The reason for this is that these sons have been brought up and nourished in a loving, godly environment in the home, as well as the church. These sons have also been protected from the influence of bad company. They have not been indoctrinated by the education of false teaching such as evolution, humanism, social justice and the strong influence of the gay agenda.

What a joy it is for me to be surrounded with many godly grandchildren who are homeschooled. Even though some of them are still quite young, because they are not daily surrounded with foolish ungodly peer pressure, the generational age gap is not a problem. They are as willing to talk to an adult as they are to their siblings. Isn’t it great when your grandchildren are your close friends?

I can always tell who are homeschooled and who are state schooled in the meetings I conduct with fathers and sons. In many cases, the most goofy, disruptive, disrespectful sons are those who are familiar with this kind of behavior in their state school classrooms.

Let’s not follow the crowd to the state school. What we need are pure, bright-eyed, respectful, mature, godly and courteous children that are “grown up in their youth.”

We’ll talk about the daughters tomorrow.

Be encouraged. Colin
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