We continue to discuss Psalm 144. Men, along with our wives, we need to repent for subjecting our sons and daughters to the liberal and socialist mindset that is ever-increasingly being taught in our state schools and colleges.

The Holy Bible, which is the only foundation of truth upon which a true Christian stands, declares that God created all things in a six day period. Yet, state education text books teach evolution as an undeniable fact. All things came into existence over a period of millions of years without any Creator to order it so.

Many years ago, this teaching had a very negative effect upon me as a young child in a state school. I was raised in a Christian home, where my mother taught my Sunday school class and my grandfather was the teaching elder at the family church. I was caught in the midst of conflicting views. Only God Himself knows the incredible turmoil my soul endured as I struggled to reconcile the atheistic teaching of Darwinism with the divinely inspired Word of God. One was a falsehood. Which one?

The bottom line is that it is plainly ludicrous and utterly foolish to subject our children to the teaching of atheistic, humanistic and socialistic textbooks. The textbooks on certain subjects are fast becoming more and more opposed to the Word of God. Homosexual teachers cannot be refused to teach our children. What are we doing? How crazy can we get?

The truth is that even although there may be many dedicated Christian teachers in the state schools, this does not guarantee that our children will not be subjected to classes that will introduce them to a humanistic viewpoint that opposes the Bible.

By the grace of God, there are those who seem to get through it almost unscathed, but have they really avoided the tarnishing of their souls? The state education introduces our daughters to feminism and careerism. Our sons are taught that is wrong to be competitive in sports and that tolerance and equality are the new norm. I am told that in some cases, over-achievers have their results marked down in order to equal the class average. God does not intend our sons to be feminized. Guns are part of a boy’s life growing up. Come on!

Be encouraged. Colin Campbell
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