Like Moses, Christian fathers must put a THREE DAY JOURNEY (a very noticeable gab) between their families and Egypt (which is a type of the world). Don’t forget, the enemy wants your family in his camp. Do not be so foolish as to allow it to happen.

I want to share with you the FOUR COMPROMISES that Pharaoh gave to Moses in order to keep the children of Israel in Egypt.


Exodus 8:25 says, “And Pharaoh called for Moses and for Aaron, and said, Go ye, sacrifice to your God in the land.” Pharaoh is inspired by Satan to thwart the redemption of God’s chosen people which would involve leaving the land of Egypt.

Satan will always tempt us by offering compromises. This time Satan tries to keep the children of Israel serving him in Egypt, in the bondage of slavery. They could have a few days off to hold a feast of worship to their God, but then it would be back to “business as usual” or more correctly, “slavery as usual," perhaps with more hardship in order to make up for lost time. The adversary’s tactics have not changed

In order to serve God His way, He wants us to separate ourselves and our families from the lifestyles of Egypt that hold us in bondage to the world system. Many who call themselves Christians are actually still “Egyptians,” at least in their mindset.

They have not separated themselves from Egypt. They still continue to be educated by the Egyptians, entertained by the Egyptians, live like the Egyptians, dress like the Egyptians, and in many cases honor what the Egyptians honor!

Moses was concerned that if they scarified to the Lord in Egypt, they would become an “abomination” in the eyes of the Egyptians and could be stoned (Exodus 28:26). While the world would have us join them for a while, they will soon persecute us if we are uncompromising. Sacrificing families who really worship God will never be acceptable to the Egyptian world system. In fact, we will be an “abomination” to them!

Staying in Egypt (the world) and at the same time making sacrifices to our God will only offend the Egyptians and they will persecute us.

Because we do not like persecution, we are likely to compromise and stop offering sacrifices to God and our Christianity is finished. Friendship with the world is enmity with God (James 4:4).

Be encouraged. Colin
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