Pass on the Blessing, No. 190

1 Peter 4:10, “As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

God pours out His gifts upon us and He wants us to pour them out upon others. The word ‘gift’ is the Greek word charisma which means a gift of grace. Each one of us has received grace from God, but God’s grace is manifold. It is revealed in numberless ways as we need it. As God pours out His grace upon us in a certain way, He does not want us to keep it to ourselves, but to pour it out on others.

We must not do this in a haphazard way, but with a serving heart. The Scripture says that we are to minister the grace to one another. The word ‘minister’ is diakonea in the Greek. It means ‘To serve with an emphasis on work. In a practical sense it means to wait on a table, to serve at dinner, to care for someone’s needs.’

We see a lovely example of this when Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law who was very sick with a fever. The moment he touched her the fever left her. She received a healing grace of God and immediately poured it back on others. After being healed, she didn’t sit back on the sofa with her feet up, glowing in the joy of her healing. Instead, “she arose, and ministered unto them.” (Matthew 8:15). She immediately got up and prepared a meal for everyone in the home. She ministered back her blessing in a practical and physical way to touch the lives of others.

We may receive a spiritual blessing, but we can pour it back on others in a practical way by serving them. As you receive a blessing from God you can pour it back on your family by creating a lovely meal for them and serving them. When God graciously provides you with a home, either purchased or rented, you can minister back the grace that you have received by showing hospitality and opening up your home to others.

In Acts 19:22 Paul talks about Timothy and Erastus who “ministered unto him.” Once again, the word is diakoneo. Timothy and Erastus received the grace of salvation through the ministry of Paul. They returned this grace by serving Paul in a sacrificial and practical way.

Matthew 25:44 tells us that we can pour out God’s grace by serving those who are hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, in prison or who are strangers.

Angels love to diakoneo (to serve). If they do, surely we can. (Matthew 4:11; Hebrews 1:114) Recently I read about General William Booth who founded the Salvation Army along with his wife Catherine. During his last days he was not able to attend a conference because of ill health. They asked if he would send a written message instead to inspire the people. The message arrived. Instead of a long exhortation, it contained one word, “Others.”

Next time God blesses you, which will be some time today, because God is pouring out His grace upon us continually, respond by pouring it out upon someone or everyone in your home in a practical serving way.

Pour out God’s grace on others.



“Father, I am a continual recipient of your grace. Please help me to pour your grace out upon others, especially those in my own home. Amen.”


"Others, Lord, yes others, let this my motto be,

Help me to live for others, that I may live like Thee.

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