Don't Waste Brain Space - No. 136

1 Peter 5: 7, “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.” 

Isn’t it amazing how we confess that we are believers, and yet we do not believe! We know the above Scripture, but do we truly believe it? Do we believe that God is caring for us? Do we believe God’s Word in Psalm 139:17 that He is thinking about us all the time? In fact, His thoughts to us are more than the sands of the sea! If we did believe it, we would not fret and worry all the time, would we? And yet that is what we seem to do so much.

Many women spend most of their brain space worrying about this and that. What a waste! This space could be more profitably used to think positively. When we worry and think negatively, we do not help the situation. Worry makes the problem worse. Worry stifles creativity. You can’t even see a way out of the problem when you worry. All you see is the problem.

Worry strangles the effectiveness of God’s Word in your life and makes you unproductive. Matthew 13:22 tells us that “the worries of this life” choke the Word and we become unfruitful. In plain words, we cannot be fruitful when we worry!

The Amplified version says, “Casting the whole of your care – all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all – on Him; for He cares for you affectionately, and cares about you watchfully.” God does not tell you to give some of your worries to Him. He tells you to give ALL your cares to Him. That means EVERY ONE. The big ones and the little ones. In fact, if you get into the habit of giving the little ones to Him, it will be natural to give the big ones to Him.

In Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus tells us not to worry about our life, what we should eat, what we should drink, what we should wear or what will happen tomorrow! Dear mother, you don’t have to waste brain space fretting about these things. Instead, thank Him that He has promised to provide them for you.

Worry is thinking about “me”, rather than trusting God and His infallible Word. We waste a lot of valuable brain space thinking about ourselves. Many years ago, God spoke me. His voice was so strong to my heart that it was like an audible voice. “Nancy,” He said, “How can I reveal to you the needs of others if you are always thinking about yourself?” What a challenge!

If we spend all our brain space thinking about ourselves and insignificant things, we leave no room for God to bring to our mind the needs of others. Or to give us creative dreams and visions. God wants to pour out His love upon His people and those who are poor and hurting, but He has to do it through us. He looks for those whose minds have space for Him to share His secrets, His strategies and His creative answers to the problems around us. Sadly, many times our minds are so consumed with self-pity and worry that God cannot get in even a fraction of an inch to tell us about someone who needs our prayers or help.

Will you throw all your worries upon the Lord, knowing that He is caring for you? He is thinking about you and knows the answers far better than you. Trust Him to work it out. Give God room in your brain for the creative things that He wants to say to you.





“Lord, I thank you that because you are thinking about me all the time, I don’t have to waste my time thinking about myself. I trust you to care for me and for my family. I yield my mind to you for the importantthings you want to say to me. Amen.”




I am finished with fretting and regretting. I am now receiving and believing!


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