Queen Of Your Home, Pt 1 - No. 79

1 Kings 17:17, “…the woman, the mistress of the house.”

Dear homemaker, how do you picture yourself in your home? Trapped? Imprisoned? Downgraded? Bored? Frustrated? Or are you reigning as the Queen of your home?

God intends for us to reign as queens. The Old Testament calls you “the mistress of the house.” The Hebrew word for ‘mistress’ is ‘baalah’ which is simply the feminine word for ‘baal’. It means ‘to be master, to have dominion over.’

There is another word that is also used for ‘mistress’ in the Old Testament. It is the Hebrew word ‘gbereth’. Once again, it is the feminine word of master, ‘gbiyr’ and means ‘to be strong, valiant, to prevail.’

It is not only men who want to have dominion. There is something in a woman that wants to have dominion also. God appointed it that way. Immediately after God told Adam and Even to “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,” He then said to them, “Subdue it, and have dominion…” These words were not only spoken to the man, but to the woman. 

Now just a minute, I am not leading you down a path of deception. I am not saying that you are to take over the rulership of your home. Let’s get things straight. We are privileged to submit to our husband’s leadership, authority and protection. However, under his covering and protection, God has given us a sphere of rulership – a realm where we are to rule and reign! What is this domain? It is our home.

God wants you to be the ‘mistress’ – governing over the domestic affairs of your home. Your home is the center of your life. It is a place of challenge, creativity and celebration. You rule over your kitchen, making sure that your husband and family are daily nurtured with nutritious life-giving meals. You preside over the educating of your children. You administrate the cleaning of your home. You direct the ideas, the projects and the plans that you and your children are currently working on.

You practice hospitality – planning when you will invite each particular family or lonely person to come and eat at your table. You think about what you will feed them and how you can make them feel special. You work on assignments with your children in order to reach out to the poor and needy. You are constantly making your home a creative, interesting and sacred place to live in. 

You plan, plant and work your garden to feed your family and beautify your home. And of course you are full-time nurturing, loving and encouraging your husband and children. Oh your life is FULL! There is so much to reign over. You never have enough time to fulfill all your great visions. Of course, as queen of your home, you are not doing everything yourself, but training your children to take over in all these areas.

And yet there are many who are bored with their home. They have not yet seen the vision that their home is their greatest sphere of influence for God.  They do not have the vision for raising children for God. With no vision for hospitality and so little to rule over, they are unfulfilled and have to find their place of dominion somewhere else. Unfortunately, they move out of the sphere where God wants them to govern. They come out from their husband’s protection and become vulnerable to other men instead of their own husband. The result is an epidemic of divorce and breakdown of marriage, even in the Christian world.  

Let’s find fulfillment in the great opportunity God has given to us in our home.




“Oh God, I thank you for your divine plans for my life. Thank you for giving me the privilege of my home where I can live and work for you, nurturing and training your children and making it a safe and sacred place for my husband.  I thank you, Lord, that in my home I can find my greatest fulfillment. Save me from walking out on this great task you have given to me. Amen.”


“I am a fulfilled and liberated home-maker.”


P.S. Here are some other Scriptures that mention the “mistress” of the home: Genesis 16:8-9; 2 Kings 5:3; Psalm 123:2; Isaiah 24:2.

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