Can We Keep Our Honor?, Pt 3 - No. 77

1 Peter 3: 3-4, “Do not let your beauty be that outward adorning of arranging the hair, of wearing gold, or of putting on fine apparel; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible ornament of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.”

We continue to look at the Ms that reveal our graciousness as women.

4) Our Marriage

It is in within our marriage where we expose whether we are truly gracious. It is no use acting piously at church or at the supermarket if you are yelling at your husband at home. There are many women who think it is degrading to submit to a man. They would rather jump up and down and demand their own way, do their own thing, and be free from any protective authority. But this kind of behavior is childish. Three-year-olds love to demand their own way. It is a mature woman who submits with meekness.  It is God’s plan for his female creation and everything that God plans is for our good. It is for our blessing. It is for our protection. It does not take away our rank or respect, but instead brings us blessing and honor.

I asked husbands to tell me what they honored in their wives. Here are some of their answers, which were reiterated by many:

·        I honor her because I can count on her. I can trust her.

·        I love her devotion to God and to the family.

·        I love the way she thinks about the needs of our family and of others before herself.

·        I honor her for her submissive spirit to me, which I don’t demand of her, but which she willingly gives to me. 

·        When she acknowledges me as the head of our home, rather than making the decisions herself, I give more respect and honor to her.

·        I honor her when I see her seeking after God to be a virtuous woman.

·        I honor her as the keeper of our home.

·        I honor her as she bears our children and ministers to the family and the needs of others.

·        I respect my wife for completing me. She “catches my slack.” She is a wonderful nurturer and tends our nest. I have to work and provide but coming home is what I really look forward to.

·        I respect her softness and tenderness. She softens me and at the same time lets me be a tough guy.

·        She lets me lead.

·        She forgives me even when I do the same dumb things over, and over and over and over again. 

The husband of the virtuous woman rises up and praises his wife with these words: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” (Proverbs 31:29) What greater honor could a woman receive? It is more blessed to receive honor from an appreciative husband than from all the organizations in the world. 




“Oh God, help me to realize that I do not gain respect when I rant and rave and demand my own way. Instead, I downgrade the honor you have given to me as a woman. Oh, Lord, please give me grace to walk in the godly spirit of submission. I thank you, Lord Jesus, that you have this attitude. You showed me the way when you submitted, in the face of agony and death, to the Father’s will. This submission was not defeat, but victory. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.”



By God’s grace, I will walk in the same attitude as Jesus.

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