Free To Be You! - No.68

Psalm 33:13-15 RUV, “The Lord looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men. From the place of his habitation He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth; He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works.”

How amazing that God individually fashions each new inhabitant of the earth. There is not one who is the same.  Not only does this cause us to worship our awesome and creative God but also it liberates us to be the special person God created us to be.

I am different to everyone else in the world. Oh how I love this truth. I am free from all bondages of having to be like anyone else. You also are a unique and different person.  You are different to every other person on this planet! This means that you don’t have to measure up to anyone else’s standard for you. You don’t have to conform. You are free to be you! The world is waiting to see the “you” that God created you to be. Your family is waiting to see the true “you.”

My three daughters have my genes and my training but somehow I didn’t make them clones. They are all different. I would put each of them in the top ten of mothers, and yet each one of them mothers their children differently. They discipline differently. They run their homes differently. They express themselves and order (or non-order) their lives according the individual anointing that God created in their hearts.

Dear mother, you don’t have to try to be like someone else to find your identity. You don’t even have to mother the same as a particular mother you admire, or according to some rules in a book. All you have to do is to mother according to your own heart and your individual personality. This is how you will be the best mother and the best homemaker.

I remember as I watched our first child grow. I couldn’t wait for him to be like me. I expected him to love books and to love to study! But no! He wasn’t interested in reading books. He had a different personality. He had different interests. It took time for me to come to the realization that this was a person who was different to anyone else who had ever lived before and anyone else would ever live again. My responsibility was not to conform him to my individualistic tastes but to look for the divine giftings that God had given him and encourage him to grow into the person God had planned him to be. (I must pop in here that of course we teach our children to confirm to the rules of our home and the principles of God’s Word). 

I often think of Lamech in Genesis 4:20-22 who had three sons and yet each one was uniquely different. Jabal was a cattleman and loved the animals and the outdoor life. Jubal was a musician and invented the harp and the flute. Tubal-Cain opened the first foundry; He loved to work with his hands, forging instruments of bronze and iron. If I could have looked into the future when my children were little, I could never have imagined the things they are doing today. They are far more exciting, creative and far-reaching than I would have planned.

Think about it. You were born to reflect a special image of God in this earth. You were born to reveal the creative love of God from your heart in a way that no one else can. Pour yourself out to touch others with God’s love. Don’t hold back. Don’t deprive the world of seeing the unique hand of God upon your life.

Do the same for your husband. He doesn’t have to be like you! Can you believe it? He is unique too. Stop trying to conform him and let him be who God created him to be and let him do what God has put in him to do. It might be different to what you have planned but it will better than your idea.  And do it for your children too. This is the great challenge of parenting. You can’t parent them all the same. God has created each one of their hearts individually!

Would you like to enter into this liberating path for you and your family? It will be challenging, yes, but it will also take all the pressure off! You will start to enjoy yourself. But one word of caution – you won’t find who you are by looking into yourself. You will find your true identity as you pursue God and know Him and pour your life out for others. The more you know of God the more you’ll understand who He created you to be.



“Oh Father, my God and my Creator, I thank you and worship you for how you made me totally individualistic. You created me to worship you in a way that no one else will ever do. You created me to touch other people’s hearts in a way that no one else ever will. You created me to bring glory to your wondrous name through the individuality that you divinely imparted in me. Oh Lord, I embrace how you made me. I accept it and I will no longer try to be like anyone else. I thank you for the way you made me! From this moment I will walk in this liberating path. Help me to see my husband as the distinct person that he is. Help me to release my children to be the special individuals you created them to be. Thank you again for your personal and individual love for me. Amen.”



“I am liberated and anointed to be the individual God created me to be.”



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