The Fulfillment - No. 56

Numbers 24:7, “His seed shall be in many waters.”

Do you feel hidden away in your home? Do you feel as though your daily mothering is taken for granted? Does a career outside of the home look a little more glamorous? Lift your sights dear mother. You are fulfilling the most important career in the nation. You are training the next generation. You will determine the course of this nation. Your neighbors may not be aware of what you are doing behind your walls. But just wait! There will come a day when your sharpened and polished arrows will come forth to hit the mark for God. There will come a day when they will come out of your home to reveal God’s truth and light in this nation and maybe many nations of the world! There will come a day when you will see the fulfillment of your faithful parenting.

“Your descendants will be in many waters.” “The waters” speak of “peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues.” This was fulfilled in the nation of Israel who multiplied like the stars of the heavens and the sands of the seashore. They came out of Egypt a nation and populated Canaan and have continued to infiltrate and bless the nations of the world until this day. It is through Israel that we received the Savior of the world (the Word made flesh) and also the precious written Word of God. God wants to continue filling the world with His truth, light and love. He wants to reveal Himself through His people today to the nations or the world.

We mothers have a mighty part in fulfilling God’s plan as we train our children for God. Our assignment is not insignificant. We are training a task force! And our employer is the King of kings, the Lord of the armies of heaven. In fact the more children we raise, the more we can impact the world for God. I love the comment of Finis Jennings Dake in his Dake's Annotated Reference Bible. He says, "Each child will in the process of time be a defense, support and propagation of the eternal reproduction of man and fulfillment of the plan of God for man. The more arrows one has, the more enemies he will slay, the more powerful will he be in the earth. The more children born and saved to help God administer the affairs of the eternal plan for man, the more reward God will have."

When raising our children I liked to write Scriptures, positive statements and poems and put them on the walls for our children to read. One day when our boys were in their late teens, I wrote the following message in the boy’s bathroom: “Australia waits to see what will come out of 18 Welby Street.” Yes, it was true. Australia was waiting. More than Australia – the world was waiting.

Our children have proclaimed the Gospel in many countries of the world. They have lifted up the name of Jesus in countries that I haven’t yet been to! I have influenced countries for God that I have not even stepped my foot upon because I birthed these children into the world and trained them for God! And they haven’t finished yet! And there are many grandchildren coming on who will also fill the nations of the world with the glory of God. Oh the filament! There is no greater work in the world than preparing children to take the gospel to the nations of the world.

We named one of our daughters, “Evangeline Faith.” All through her life I would say to her, “Evangeline, your name means “Evangel, the bearer of the good news of the gospel.” She knew her destiny. She has been a fearless testimony for God’s truth from a little child right up to this current day.

Mother, we are not just holding the fort. God’s plan from the beginning was for us to take dominion over the earth and subdue it. We have authority to do this in the natural – and also in the spiritual. We are to be invaders, invading the earth with God’s presence and power. And we are to train invaders!

Keep faithful to your task dear mother. Your fulfillment is coming. You will rejoice when you see your children proclaiming God’s truth in the nations of the world.




 “Thank you, Lord, for this mighty vision. Help me to keep focused and realize the importance of my task. Help me to see that my mothering is not just for today but that I am preparing ‘arrow’s to be ready for your great purposes. I thank you that as I am faithful I will see the fulfillment of this great task.”



“I maybe hidden from the worldly view -

That’s okay.

I have a great and powerful task to do –

I must obey.


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