Part 6


“The Lord shall GREATLY BLESS thee in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee for an inheritance to possess it”
Deuteronomy 15:4.


IT IS A LAND OF BLESSING (Deuteronomy 28:8; 30:16)


Here are some of the blessings God pours out upon us in our land:


Blessings of fruitfulness (Genesis 1:28; 22:17; 28:3; Deuteronomy 7:13-14; Psalm 107:38; 115:14).

Blessings of the breasts and of the womb (Genesis 49:25).

Blessings of health (Deuteronomy 7:15).

Blessings of weddings and celebrations (Jeremiah 33:10-11, cf. Jeremiah 7:34; 16:9; 25:10).

Blessings of bread and water (Exodus 23:25).

Blessings of God’s watchful care (Numbers 6:24-25).

Blessings of peace (Numbers 6:26; Psalm 29:11).

Blessings upon all that we do (Deuteronomy 2:7; 14:29; 15:10, 18; 16:15; 23:20; 24:19; 28:8, 12).

Blessings on our children (Psalm 115:14; 147:13b; Isaiah 44:3).

Blessings if we live in the city or the country (Deuteronomy 28:3).

Blessings on our cattle and produce (Deuteronomy 28:4-5, 11; Psalm 132:15; 107:36-38).

Blessings on our daily walk (Deuteronomy 28:6).

Blessings of reigning instead of servitude (Deuteronomy 15:16; 28:13).

Blessings of lending to others instead of borrowing (Deuteronomy 15:16; 28:12).

Blessings on our land and gardens (Deuteronomy 30:16; Psalm 107:37).


The blessings are when we are in the land, not out of the land. Many times we walk away from obedience to God’s ways and yet expect Him to bless us. We have to put ourselves in the place where God wants to bless us. Contrary to public indoctrination, the blessing of God is on those who embrace mothering and home-keeping. Women take the birth control Pill to avoid children and many times end up with decreased libido. Women avoid pregnancy and lactation and miss out on the hormones that will bless them physically, not only while pregnant and nursing but for the future lives.*


IT IS A HOLY LAND (Zechariah 2:12)


We must seek to keep our homes holy and free from all contamination. Check your home for inroads of the enemy-- books, DVDs, computers etc. We must not allow anything in our home that belongs to Satan’s kingdom. Read Deuteronomy 7:35-36.



God calls our land a holy land. It is opposite to the ways of Egypt.


The marriage bed must be kept “undefiled” (Hebrews 13:4). This is the same word that is used to describe Christ who is our high priest who is “undefiled, separate from sinners” Hebrews 7:26. The marriage bed is one of the “delightful” blessings God gives us in our land (but once again, the blessing is in the land, not out of the land!). Some say that “anything goes” in the confines of marriage. That is true, only if it is “undefiled” and within the limits of God’s plan for sexual union!




Joshua 12:8, “Joshua gave unto the tribes of Israel for a possession according to their divisons; in the mountains, and in the valleys, and in the plains, and in the springs, and in the wilderness, and in the south country.”


What a boring land it would be if it was all flat! But our land of motherhood is anything but boring! We don’t have the monotony of plains. We go through valleys and the wilderness. We face mountains that loom higher than we can cope with. But this is what makes life adventurous and exciting. This is how we mature. This is how we learn wisdom and God’s ways of doing things. This is how we learn to trust God who is “enough” for every situation for He is a protector of all those who trust in Him (2 Samuel 22:31).


"Got any rivers you think are uncrossable?

Got any mountains you can't tunnel through?

God specializes in things thought impossible!

He can do what no other can do."


Love from Nancy Campbell





“Thank you, Father, that my land is not boring and predictable. Although I do not like the challenge of obstacles and difficulties, I thank you that this is where I prove your faithfulness and power in my life. Amen.”




I am daily trusting in the God who is Enough!

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