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Women's Daily Encouragement Blog

Strengthening Families Across the World through the encouragement of women in their high calling from God as wives, mothers and homemakers.

DoULoveBabiesWhat possibilities lie in the newborn babe! He is like a ship sailing out into the sea of life. There will be calm sailing, but also adventures and storms along the way. As parents, we teach him to know and trust his Captain, and to understand the ways of the sea.

The newborn is like a little plant waiting to be nurtured, watered with prayer and God's Word, and filled with big doses of encouragement in order for him to grow into a mighty oak that will bring shelter and blessing to many people. Psalm 128 gives the description of our children like young olive plants around our table, growing up to be strong and durable olive trees.

The newborn is like an unwritten book. God has the story already written, but He waits for the child to write on the blank pages (Psalm 139:16). With much prayer, godly wisdom, and teaching, the parents guide him as he writes the story.

The new baby is like a precious jewel, waiting to be cut and polished so he will shine more and more brightly as he walks in this world. He will not only shine in this world, but Daniel 12:3 tells us that those who turn many to righteousness will shine “as the stars forever and ever.”

Every new life is another revelation of the image of God in this world. Each new life comes with the potential to shed God’s light into the darkness and destroy the works of the enemy. The child is not a life to itself. He will influence everyone he meets. Many more lives will be born as future dynasties come forth from this one child and shape generations to come.

And each newborn child who comes into the world is an eternal soul who will liver for ever and ever and ever.

No wonder the devil hates new life!

Let’s be those who are in awe of life.

Nancy Campbell

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SlowDownBabyDid you know this is a Bible verse? Rushing about doesn’t accomplish a lot. Slow down mother. Take time to read stories to your children. Take time to talk to your older children. Simplify your life. Give time for God to speak to you. Eternal matters are more important than earthly matters. #slowdown #liveforeternity #readstoriestogether #aboverubies

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BeEncouragedTodayBe encouraged today mother. You are in the perfect will of God as you mother your children. God exalts motherhood over every other career in the nation (Ezekiel 19:10, 11).

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BlessYourFamilyI wonder what you have planned for your family meal table tonight? Always be thinking of ways you can bless and encourage your husband and children. Every now and then it's a nice idea to get your children to write a card to their father with all the great things they love about him. They can also draw a picture to make it special. If you have little ones who cannot write yet, get them to draw a picture for Daddy. You can then put them by his plate when he comes to the evening meal. During the meal he can read them aloud. The children will be excited, and your husband will be blessed.

Every now and then I love to make place cards for each member of the family. This is a lovely way to encourage your husband and children. I keep colored cardboard and paper on hand for this task. I type the name and comment on the computer, print it off on colored paper and then paste it on a folded cardboard that can stand on its own when folded in half. There are lots of ways you can do this:

Encouraging Phrases
Type or write their name and underneath their name write an encouraging phrase that starts with the first letter of their name. Here's some examples that I have used with my children and grandchildren.

Obedient Son

Resolute for God

Rhyming Couplets
Type, or write their name and underneath write a rhyming couplet. It doesn’t take too long to think of these and they will really bless your family. Here are some examples I have written for the grandchildren over the years. As you can see, they are very simple rhymes.

A very fine boy who can read so well,
We all think that you are real swell!

The boy with the beautiful, big blue eyes,
There’s no doubt about it, he’ll take the prize!

Industriously planning ways to make money,
But no matter how busy, she always looks sunny!

And some for our grown children, one of the many I have written for her!

Wild and outrageous, but she is a true sage,
The best researcher on curriculums for any age!

And don’t forget your husband. I have written many for Colin over the years, e.g.

He has a great big, kind, and loving heart,
He likes things big and he likes them smart!

Are there any faithful left in the land?
Yes, he is one of God’s mighty band!

Can you think of four rhyming lines? There is something about rhymes that helps your children to remember. You will also remember them and can recite them to your child when you are sitting with them or riding in the car. For example:

A beautiful girl who is a delight to the eyes,
From the hand of the Lord she is a special prize!
With her long golden curls and her soft white skin,
She radiates loveliness which comes from within!

These will take a little more thought to write, but worth it for a special occasion. These are Name Places your children will keep as memories. Here's some I wrote for my three daughters many years ago . . .

There’s a lady with flowing red hair
Who always makes everyone stare!
She is so outrageous
And even dangerous
This girl with the flowing red hair!

There’s a song floating up from the stairs,
Its melody takes away cares,
It brightens the day,
We want it to stay,
Serene’s song floating up from the stairs!

I saw a wonderful and happy sight,
It was like a bird that is taking flight,
A mother skipping,
Her feet a-tripping,
A mother happy and filled with delight!

The Meaning of their Name

Leading many to righteousness

Pointed in the right direction toward God

Thank You
Sometimes you may like to write a “Thank You” underneath their name, some character trait for which you are thankful or for something they have done for you, e.g.

Thank you for the privilege of being your mother!

Thank you for watering my garden every night!

Thank you for being my faithful and loving husband!

Trust these examples will be of some inspiration to you in your family.

Love from Nancy Campbell

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ColorNightWe talked yesterday about making every meal a love affair. This won’t just happen. You need to take time to think about your family meal table. Think about creative things you can do to bless the children. When raising our children, I tried to do something different at the meal table at least one night a week. One of the things the children loved was COLOR NIGHTS. For example, I would choose a color and put up a notice:

“Tonight is RED Night
No admittance unless wearing something Red.
Supper at 6.00 p.m. Please knock before entering.”

While they rummaged through drawers to find red clothes (children love to dress up), I set the table with a red tablecloth, adding red candles, napkins, and centerpiece (red flowers if I could find them).

I prepared red foods. There are plenty of foods from which to choose, e.g. beets, radishes, red beans, red hot dogs with tomato sauce, tomato soup, potatoes or rice colored with red food coloring, etc. For dessert you can choose red fruits such as pomegranates (when in season), blood oranges, cherries, strawberries, watermelon, or red grapes, etc.

You can also purchase red paper plates and knives and forks, etc. I would often wrap a little gift (something inexpensive) in red paper and put it beside their plate. The children loved these nights and over the years we tried every color of the rainbow!

I’ll share with you some more ideas in the coming days.

Have fun with your family,

Nancy Campbell

P.S. I’d also love to hear from you about two things:
1) Different and creative ideas you like to do or have done at your family meal table.
2) Testimonies from mothers with older children who are now reaping the blessings of trained children who are such a help in the home.

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