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Women's Daily Encouragement Blog

Strengthening Families Across the World through the encouragement of women in their high calling from God as wives, mothers and homemakers.

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AreUContentAre you content in your home? Are you content in your soul? I think it starts in our soul, don’t you? If we don’t have rest and contentment in our soul, how will we have it in our home?

But we must ask another question. How can we experience contentment? Is it dependent upon our feelings? No. “A thousand times No,” as my husband says. (It’s one of his favorite sayings regarding things that are wrong!). And when it comes to something that is right, he says, “Yes, a million times Yes!”

I believe everything begins with our will. I notice in Exodus 2:21 that “Moses was CONTENT TO DWELL with the man.” This man was Reuel, the priest of Midian who lived out in the desert. Wow, this was the opposite of the life he had known--one of luxury, servants waiting upon him, and the best this world could offer.

The word “content” in this Scripture is “ya’al” and means “to be willing, to make up one’s mind, to be determined, to resolve.” Now, that’s interesting, isn’t it? His contentment was not because it was a beautiful situation, one of ease and comfort, and just what he had been looking for years!

Instead, Moses had to determine in his heart that he would be content in this situation. He had to make up his mind to do it.

I believe we must apply the same resolve in our lives. It is God’s plan to give us a home to dwell in. It is God’s plan to raise the children He gives us in a home. It is God’s plan to make a dwelling place, firstly for God, and then for our husband and children.

Many times, mothers are not content because they think of other things they could be doing outside the home. They spent years educating themselves for a certain degree and life vocation, and instead, they are mothering in the home! What went wrong?

We must come to that place in our mind where we know we are in the will of God. This is God’s plan for our lives. And therefore, because it is His plan, we forget feelings. We forget imagining another life outside the home. We cast aside all self-pity, grumbling, and groaning.

We make up our mind and determine to be content. We resolve to be content. And as we do, we find contentment. Everything in life is how you think in your mind and your attitude to your situation.

May you be blessed with a contented spirit today. There’s nothing like contentment to bring peace and calm to your soul. It’s great for your health. It’s great for the atmosphere of your home. It’s great for the blessing of everyone around you.

Be blessed,

Nancy Campbell

Painting by James Sant

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BasketsFullLike me, I am sure you are preparing for Thanksgiving this week. It’s one of my favorite family celebration days. We have so many great traditions and it’s an all-day affair.

However, thanksgiving should not only be for a special day, but our lifestyle. It’s the lifestyle of God’s kingdom. Colossians 2:7 says: “Rooted and built up in him, and established in the faith, and ABOUNDING therein with thanksgiving.” Have you noticed that the Bible contains extravagant language?

Our God is an extravagant God. He writes extravagant words. Nothing in the Bible is normal. John 10:10 tells us that Jesus not only came to give us life, but ABUNDANT life. He not only gives us peace, but peace that PASSES UNDERSTANDING (Philippians 4:7). He not only gives us joy, but joy that is UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF GLORY (1 Peter 1:8).

Now we read that we are not only to be thankful, but to be ABOUNDING in thanksgiving. Some translations say: “OVERFLOWING in gratitude.”

What does it mean to abound? When we look into the original Greek we find even more extravagant adjectives. The word abound is “perisseuo” meaning “to superabound, to be excessive, abundant, exceed, over and above.” The Bible uses the same word in John chapter six where Jesus fed the five thousand men, plus others.

Jesus not only fed the people, but fed them to overflowing. When they were all “filled,” Jesus asked them to gather all that was left over and they filled up twelve baskets full that “remained OVER AND ABOVE (perisseuo)” that which they had eaten.

I believe that we need to come into the TWELVE BASKETS FULL attitude about thanksgiving, don’t you? We all say, “thank you” when someone gives us something or does something for us, but I believe we need to go “over and above” this normality.

How many baskets full do you have over? Perhaps one basket full? You may get excessive sometimes. But not too much. You don’t want people to think are “over the top.” Hey, that’s what you are meant to be! You are never meant to be average, normal, or boring. Especially when it comes to being thankful.

What about two baskets full over? How many times do you thank your husband each day? Do you thank him profusely for even the little things he does for you? Or do you take him for granted? Do you thank your children when they do their chores, or just take them for granted too?

What about three baskets full over and above? Appreciation and gratitude pour from your heart. You don’t have an entitlement mentality. You and I both know that we don’t deserve anything, and therefore we are grateful for every little blessing in life.

What about four baskets full over and above? How our hearts should be filled with thankfulness to God for all His blessings, especially for His great salvation. I cannot refrain from thanking Him every day for His sacrifice upon the cross for me. Our hearts should well up with thankfulness continually through the day for all the wonderful blessings God pours upon us. Often, we don’t see them because of our attitude of ingratitude. That’s why we’ve got to push into the OVER AND ABOVE TWELVE BASKETS FULL ATTITUDE.

What about five baskets full over and above? Are you becoming excessive? Is it becoming normal for you to say, “Thank you soooooo much.” And so, we could go on.

The TWELVE BASKETS FULL attitude can revolutionize your marriage.

The TWELVE BASKETS FULL attitude can revolutionize your family life. Just imagine everyone in the home with this mentality. Outdoing one another with thankfulness. What bliss to live in an environment of thankfulness, blessing, appreciation, and gratitude. It changes everything.

THE OVER AND ABOVE TWELVE BASKETS FULL attitude can change the lives of everyone we meet, and ultimately society.

Start it in your home today.

Love from Nancy Campbell

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ASweetPerfumeWhat is the atmosphere like in your home? Is it filled with bickering, arguments, criticisms, and complaining? Or is it filled with the sweet presence of Christ? God wants us to live in an atmosphere of His sweet presence, just as He wanted His priests to live in the aroma of a sweet anointing in the tabernacle all through the day and night. The recipe for the incense in the holy place was to be made of sweet spices that were to be tempered until they were pure and holy (Exodus 30:34-38).

2 Corinthians 2:14 (WEB) says that Christ "reveals through us the sweet aroma of his knowledge in every place." Did you notice that it says: "IN EVERY PLACE"? That means in your home. That means in your kitchen. That means when the baby is crying, the toddler is having a fit, the pots are boiling over on the stove, and your husband is demanding your attention!

It doesn't matter what is happening in your life, Christ lives in you and His attitude is SWEET! Therefore, when you yield to His Spirit, you will be sweet! You can't do it in your own strength, but only as you acknowledge His sweet presence in you.

I love J. B. Phillips' translation: "Thanks be unto God who leads us, wherever we are, on his own triumphant way and makes our knowledge of him spread through the world like a lovely perfume! We Christians have the unmistakable 'scent' of Christ."

Unmistakable! Wow! Do your children smell the sweet perfume of Christ on you? Do people instantly recognize Christ's scent when they are with you? Can they notice it about me? That’s a challenge to us, isn’t it?

Fill your home with sweetness today,

Nancy Campbell

Painting: “Baby's Bath Time” by Arthur John Elsley (British, 1861-1952).

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RightEmphasisI recently read that 47 percent of Christian women do not believe we should put emphasis on the roles of marriage and motherhood. I beg your pardon? What has happened to our Christian society that they no longer think like the Bible? In the first three chapters of Genesis God establishes His plan for mankind which includes both marriage and motherhood. And He continues the theme from Genesis to Revelation.

Marriage and family are the first institutions God ordained, before church and before government.

We know that all women will not marry, but some of the greatest examples of mothers in our world are women who never married or bore children. We immediately think of Mother Theresa, Corrie Ten Boom, Gladys Aylward, Mary Slessor, Amy Carmichael and the list goes on--women who embraced their motherly anointing. They poured out their lives to nurture and mother the hurting and needy and in turn were totally fulfilled women.

God only made two species of humankind--male and female. He didn't make two Adams to both do the same job. That would have been superfluous. He created male and female, each with a different assignment, but they both fit together perfectly.

If we are female, we should seek to embrace our femaleness. To do anything else is a waste of our life. The more we reveal our "femaleness" and our motherly anointing, the more we give glory to God our Creator.

Let's be fully who God created us to be.

Be blessed today,

Nancy Campbell

Painting: American artist, Elisabeth Nourse, 1860-1938.

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IsOurAttitudeDo you remember when the disciples asked Jesus who would be the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven? Jesus responded by bringing a little child into their midst and said to them, "Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me" (Matthew 18:1-6). Read also Mark 9:36-37 and Luke 9:48.

These words, spoken from the mouth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, tell us that our attitude toward receiving children reveals our attitude to Jesus. We are to receive a new baby into our home as though we were receiving Jesus Himself?

It seems strange, doesn't it, that many couples want to receive Jesus, but would rather not accept a baby from Him. We are not meant to receive children with the attitude, "Well, I guess we'll survive somehow if God gives us another baby."

The Greek word for "receive" is "dechomai" and means, "to accept a gift deliberately and readily, to welcome, to embrace, make one's own, not to reject." This word is used 55 times in the New Testament.

One of the occasions is how Jesus Christ was received into the heavens after He left earth (Acts 3:21). With what joy and fanfare, He must have been welcomed back into His heavenly home (Psalm 24:7-10). This is the same way God wants us to receive the children He gives us, planned and purposed before the foundation of the world.
Be blessed and encouraged today,

Nancy Campbell

Painting: “The Kiss” by Nicolas Tarkhoff.

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