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Women's Daily Encouragement Blog

Strengthening Families Across the World through the encouragement of women in their high calling from God as wives, mothers and homemakers.

AchieveGreatYou accomplish great things in your home as you make it a sanctuary for the living God and train and nurture your precious children in this God-anointed atmosphere. Titus 2:5 exhorts young women to be "keepers at home." These words do not relegate you to an inferior position or deprive you of something greater you could be doing. This is the greatest work you can be doing.

It is not stagnant. It is not insignificant. You are accomplishing. Different Bible translations for this phrase give more understanding.

You are a home MAKER (NKJB, HCSB, AMP, CEB)
You are a home MANAGER (OJB)
You are a home WORKER (ESV, NASB, NCV, NLT, WEB).
You are a home LOVER (JBP).

Do you notice that these words are verbs? They make things happen. You are building a home and family to strengthen this nation and bless the world.

The Darby translation says: “Diligent in home work.” We are not slack on the job. We are diligent. Our mind is on the job. Our heart is in our work. We are pouring into our home and the lives of our children for today and for generations to come.

And I love the WAY translation which says: “Recognize that their sphere is home.” God has given you a queendom. He has given you a domain where you can accomplish great things. It is your home.

Begin to imagine and then fulfil the great things that you can do in your home today.

Blessings from Nancy Campbell

Painting by Millicent Etheldreda Gray.

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DayNewYesterday Pearl and Autumn (her youngest daughter), Evangeline and I drove down to Meadow’s (over two hours away) to spend a day with her. It was such a precious time. Meadow is flourishing as a mother and doing so well. However, it was great to be able to encourage her with different nursing positions and teach her how to nurse her baby lying down which is so much more relaxing than sitting up with a straight back. A new mother will soon get tired of that.

Why do hospitals send mothers home breastfeeding their babies with the football position? It’s so uncomfortable for mother and baby and doesn’t even give skin to skin contact.

We were thinking as we drove home that once again this would be such a wonderful thing for all mothers to enjoy when they come home with their first baby—to have older mothers surround them who can give them tips and help with nursing and mothering.

I am sure this is what it was like in the old days. Today, so many precious young mothers are isolated. They go home from the hospital with no one to help and encourage them. No wonder they get depressed instead of being filled with joy.

It’s time we got back to truly encouraging mothers, don’t you think?

Blessings from Nancy Campbell


A comment from the post above, A DAY WITH A NEW MOTHER says: “I think a large part of the reason mothers are unhappy these days is because they are not surrounded by support as they welcome their new baby and stay home to nurture them. Most grandmothers, sisters, aunts, friends, etc. who used to surround the mother are now working and unavailable.”

This is so true. Young mothers need people around them. I believe one of the biggest negatives is isolation. Mothers are left to themselves to discover how to nurture their new child. Breastfeeding, mothering, and homemaking are arts. You learn to hone these beautiful arts as you daily experience them.

We live in an abnormal age. The majority of parents have approximately two children each. The average per child in USA is 1.8. Therefore, young people grow up without younger siblings and little babies around them. They have no idea of mothering babies. They may not have even held a baby in their life! And now suddenly, they have to mother their own baby without any help at all! It can be frightening.

In a normal society that follows God’s original God-given mandate, there will usually be more children in the family. Older children have younger siblings and babies around them. They see their mother nursing babies. It is a normal lifestyle to them. When they have their own baby, it is nor foreign; it is normal!

And when there are more children in the family, there is lots more help. There will be many aunts and uncles all wanting to help the new mother and hold the baby. There are not only one pair of arms, but loads of arms reaching out to hold the baby. It makes having a baby relaxing and exciting.

I love to watch the interaction of Evangeline’s children with the new babies in their family. Rashida now has two little ones. When she needs help, all she needs to do is call and her younger teenage sisters will be there with excitement and joy to hold the baby, play with the toddler, and help in the home. This is how it is meant to be.

Mothers who limit their families don’t realize that they will deprive their daughters and daughters-in-law of blessing and help from younger siblings when their time comes to mother.

Now Meadow has her new baby. She has her mother, grandmother, and aunties always available for help and advice. Meadow and Rashida have one another for encouragement. The more siblings, aunties, cousins, and family members around, the greater the blessing. More is positive; less is negative.

I also believe that mothers need lots of interaction with other young mothers. As a young mother, I always had a mother’s Bible Study in my home. I invited in other young mothers. We talked about motherhood. We talked about all our challenges. And because we could talk about them with one another, we could end up laughing about them because we were all facing the same things. We learned from one another. We encouraged one another. And we didn’t feel isolated. In the summer months, we’d go to the park or have picnics together.

And if a young mother can’t find a few mothers to do this with, she can surely find at least one other young mother.

Our modern society has its blessing with our lovely homes and all our mod-cons to do our work for us, but they still isolate us. I think of old times when mothers went down to the river to do their laundry. Washing clothes in a river? What a tough job. But can you imagine what a blessing it was. The mothers would meet at the same time. They would talk together while all the children played together. By the time they had finished their laundry they had ironed out all their problems and went home exhilarated from exercise and refreshed in their mothering.

Of course, we don’t live in these times, but we can always find ways to meet with others. I think it would be wonderful if more and more older mothers would start a group for mothers in their home to teach them and encourage them and gather young mothers together for the joy of fellowship.

Blessings from Nancy Campbell

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BabyShowerDiffBaby Showers are always special times, aren’t they? Each one of the baby showers in our family are special and unique.

I’d love to tell you about what we did when Rashida was expecting her first baby, and then for Meadow.

The first shower was not just for ladies, but for couples. Although Meadow is Pearl’s daughter, Evangeline and her team did the preparation. For three days she prepared and set up everything in our big celebration room for a sit-down meal for over 80 people. It looked like a wedding celebration.

It was also a time for people to speak into the lives of Kendall and Meadow to give wisdom and inspiration as they begin their new adventure of parenting. We counted the parenting years of those present (0 – 18 years parenting) and found we collectively had nearly 1,000 years of parenting experience to share with them. Grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, and friends all poured into their lives. What an amazing initiation into parenting.

But that wasn’t the end. Not long before her birth, a few of us ladies gathered at Pearl’s home for a different kind of shower--a birth encouragement gathering. We enjoyed quiche and THM muffins for morning tea and then sat around together to give positive insights and understanding to prepare Meadow for her birth. No one was invited who didn’t have positive things to say! No negative stories! Only knowledgeable and positive words. It was such a blessing and preparation for her, although she had already been conscientiously preparing and reading herself. I could say that she did a college course on preparing herself for birth.

I think that every first-time mother should have the privilege of receiving this kind of blessing. A lot more powerful than a few silly games! In fact, I think we should start new kinds of baby showers. I know we will continue doing this for the first-time mothers coming up in our family.

And now Meadow has given birth. After 27 hours of intensive labor, she gave birth to their darling baby boy, Warren Charles, at 8.30 am on Sunday morning 4th February. Many first-time mothers would have caved in, but Meadow was so prepared spiritually and mentally, and continued with great endurance as she labored forward to the ultimate joy of her baby appearing. She reaped the reward of the glorious, oxytocin high of a natural birth. She was on such a high that she was ready to do it all over again!

Don’t you think it’s a good idea to make baby showers more meaningful?

Love from Nancy Campbell

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SmittenThere is nothing that tugs at our heartstrings so powerfully as a baby.

We have been blessed with two new babies in the family in the last week or so. Serene gave birth to her precious little girl, Solace Ling, on the 27th February. She is reveling in her babymoon with her little black-haired darling. The other day she texted, “I am smitten.” Who gets “smitten” over a career? But you can get smitten over a baby.

On Sunday morning our granddaughter, Meadow, gave birth to her little boy, Warren Charles. What are her words? “Daddy and I are so in love.”

Other friends have also recently given birth. What are their comments when they post a picture of their baby?
“I am in love.”
“She’s a mama baby squish. Love her so.”
“So worth it.” And so on.

Why do many mothers deny having another baby because they think their career or job is more important? A job, no matter how important, will not melt your heart. Nor is it eternal. You will leave it behind and all the possessions you accumulated by having the extra finance. But the soul of your precious child will live forever.

Never say NO to a baby.

Love from Nancy Campbell

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PrayFamAre you a praying family? Praying families are nation-changing and world-changing families! It’s not enough to pray personally—pray together as a family. #familyprayer #familyworship #familydevotions #prayerworksmiracles #ferventprayer #aboverubies

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