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Nancy Campbell

Nancy Campbell

Nancy Campbell is an internationally known author, speaker, and authority on Biblical Motherhood and Family.

Called to the encouragement and lifting up of wives, mothers, and women throughout the world as Director of the Above Rubies Ministry, she is the author of 6 books, as well as,  numerous teaching CDs and several DVD's.

As author and publisher of the Above Rubies Magazine with a circulation of over 130.000 issues per printing, this wonderful magazine is provided at no-cost to subscribers in over 100 countries around the world.

Ministering to wives, mothers, and women with Godly counsel and encouragement, this magazine is a God-send to many. Nancy often speaks at numerous women's seminars and retreats throughout the year also.

Believing God’s plan for mothers is "building godly generations", she seeks to impart God’s truth to the next generation and their children too.

Nancy invites you to study all of the materials offered and to thoroughly comb the website for articles and stories that will encourage, motivate and build up your desire to fulfill God's plan for your life.

gulliblesTomorrow I will vote against Hillary. Forget politics, I must be faithful to my conscience. Because I belong to God’s kingdom, I belong to a kingdom of life. Therefore, I must vote for life, to save life, to preserve life, and to vote against murder. Dear fellow wives and mothers who love life, we must face the fact that to vote for Hilary is to vote for death.

She will continue her war against babies and 60,000 more babies will die in the womb every year, paid for by our taxes. She will repeal the Hyde Amendment, which bans the use of federal funds to pay for abortions (except for the life of the mother, rape or incest).

We cannot bury our head in the sand to the fact that she believes “The unborn person doesn’t have Constitutional rights,” right up to its due date. Another 18,000 or more babies will die each year in excruciating pain through late term abortions! How can we blindly let this happen?

Before Proverbs 31 gives the description of the virtuous woman, it first states: “Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable. Speak out in order to judge with righteousness and to defend the needy and the poor” (Proverbs 31:8, 9 CEB).

She cannot wait to appoint pro-choice unconstitutional Supreme Court judges and boldly states: “The only people that I would ever appoint to the Supreme Court are people who believe that Roe V. Wade is settled law.” She will continue to finance Planned Parenthood to do more and more abortions and sell the body parts. In fact, she stated, “I would like to see Planned Parenthood even get more funding.” Why did Planned Parenthood invest $30 million toward her presidential race?

And you know, of course, that this is issue is only the beginning of her destructive plans to bring down this nation that was founded on godly principles.

I do not vote for myself, but to save this nation from destruction. I vote for my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the generations to come. I don’t want them to live in a country where God’s original plan for man is totally violated. Already LGBT people have the same rights as lawfully married couples, and it will get worse. If we don’t vote against Hilary, we will see the beginning of Christian persecution. She has already told the nation that “Deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” Look out everyone.

But we have a chance today and tomorrow to stop this landslide of death and destruction of all moral and biblical values. It’s no use crying out for the life of the unborn after this election if we don’t take a stand today. It’s no use crying out because we face persecution when we have an opportunity now to vote against it. It’s no use complaining that terrorists are filling our nation if we don’t vote to stop it now.

We have the opportunity and power in our hands today and tomorrow to stop evil! “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers: or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? (Psalm 94:16).

Here’s one more article to read amongst the thousands that are out there:

Let’s turn back the tide of evil,

Nancy Campbell

Dear readers, some folks commented on Facebook that we don’t have to worry about voting, but instead just trust God. Yes, I believe in trusting God, but we also must take action. Does a mother sit by when her child is in danger, or nearing a cliff? “I’ll just trust God,” she says as she relaxes.

No, she rushes to save her child. She screams out to save her child. She will lose her own life to save her child. God puts this fierce protecting instinct within us to save our children. We should have this same alarm as our nation rushes to destruction, because we want to save our children and children's children.

~ Nancy

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BabyFeet2Tell me, what is half so sweet
As a baby's tiny feet,
Pink and dainty as can be,
Like a coral from the sea?
Talk of jewels strung in rows,
Gaze upon those little toes,
Fairer than a diadem,
With the mother kissing them!

It is morning and he lies
Uttering his happy cries,
While his little hands reach out
For the feet that fly about.
Then I go to him and blow
Laughter out of every toe;
Hold him high and let her place
Tiny footprints on my face.

Little feet that do not know
Where the winding roadways go,
Little feet that never tire,
Feel the stones or trudge the mire,
Still too pink and still too small
To do anything but crawl,
Thinking all their wanderings fair,
Filled with wonders everywhere.

Little feet, so rich with charm,
May you never come to harm.
As I bend and proudly blow
Laughter out of every toe,
This I pray, that God above
Shall protect you with His love,
And shall guide those little feet
Safely down life's broader street.

~ Edgar Guest

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FulltimeMotherPut a smile on your face!

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TeasureMomentHere's a lovely quote by Marianne Neifert, which an Above Rubies reader sent to me. I'm sure you will identify with these same feelings . . .

"If I hadn't had children, I probably would have had more money and material things. I probably would have gone more places, gotten more sleep, pampered myself more. My life would have been much more boring and predictable. As a result of being a parent, I have laughed harder, cried more often. I have worried more and hurried more. I've had less sleep, but somehow I've had more fun. I've learned more, grown more. My heart has ached harder, and I've loved to a capacity beyond my imagination. I've given more of myself, but I've derived more meaning from life."

Isn't it true? We experience the delirious joys of motherhood and also the aches and pains of motherhood, but our lives are richer for them all. How much we would have missed out on if we hadn't been blessed with each child God has given us. And we get more than we start with. As each of our children marry and have children, we receive the blessing of grandchildren! That’s unbeatable! And then great-grandchildren. That’s even more amazing!

Dear young mothers, forget sighing and grumbling about all your frustrations. These precious days with your little ones go too quickly. My three oldest children are all over 50 years of age, but it still seems like one blink of my eye since the day they were born. As I look back on raising our children, do I regret that I didn't get involved in more activities outside the home or further my career? Oh no. I regret every moment I didn't spend with them. I never felt I had enough time to pour into them all I wanted to before they were gone and flown the nest.

Treasure every moment with the children God has given you, today.

Blessings from Nancy Campbell

Picture: Back when my twins were born, 1965 (Evangeline on the left and Stephen on the right). At that time I had three children under 17 months.

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PrayTogetherHave you begun praying as a family?

I love God’s Word to us in Leviticus 26:8: "Five of you shall chase an hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight; and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword." What is the greatest way to destroy our enemies? By prayer and intercession.

Do we have enemies to fight? Yes. Many years ago, before we ever came to live in America, we made a visit to Disneyland and I watched an animated speech of President Abraham Lincoln. I have never forgotten hearing him say: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Nearly 30 years later, we face this destruction, and right now at election time.

We have enemies of abortion where Hilary Clinton and all her hordes advocate murdering babies in the womb right up until the day they are born! We fight the enemy of euthanasia. I heard yesterday that now Obama Care states that chemotherapy is not allowed for anyone over 75 years of age. They want to eliminate the aged, and yet many men are, or have been, leaders of countries in their seventies!

Do you fear terrorists from overseas? They are already here. We have terrorist sleeper cells waiting for the right time to destroy us in every city in America. Hilary wants to bring them in by the thousands. We have the enemy of homosexuality which the Creator of mankind calls an abomination. Plus corruption and deceit and more and more and more.

How are we going to fight? Do you have three children in your family? Three children and mom and dad makes five! God says that five of you can put 100 enemies to flight. Twenty families of five can cause 10,000 enemies to bite the dust.

What about families with six, seven, eight, nine and more children? Think about all these prayer warriors. Just imagine if God-fearing families would really get to prayer! Don't let the devil get you so busy and so involved in other things (yes, even GOOD things), that you don't have time to pray and cry out to God for our nation. Don't let all your prayer warriors be wasted. Even little children can learn to intercede.

Praying together is THE MOST POWERFUL THING you can do together as a family. Amen.

Blessings from Nancy Campbell

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AreYouPrayingIt's hard to believe what is happening in our nation, isn't it? It’s difficult to comprehend the corruption in someone who wants to lead our country! There was a time when America was the least corrupt nation in the world. Now it is rife at the top! But we thank God for answering prayer. We have been praying earnestly and consistently for God to expose all deception, corruption, and the hidden agendas in our government. God is answering prayer and exposing it.

We must keep praying. Praying begins with families, not the church. Are you praying earnestly as a family each day for these coming elections which are just about upon us? This country is at tipping point. These elections will determine the course of this nation and ultimately the world.

We must pray and we most vote against evil—against corruption, against the murdering of babies in the womb right up until the day they are born (which is Hilary’s agenda), against euthanasia, against the appointment of liberal Supreme Court judges (which Hilary plans to do) and it goes on and on.

We have a friend who is very close to our family and recently he arrived with a replica of the LIBERTY BELL for us. And yes, it even has the crack in it, and the Scripture written on it which is on the original in Philadelphia: “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof” (Leviticus 25:10).

Our friend knows we have Prayer Boxes on different subjects that we use each morning and evening in our family prayer times. Now we use the Liberty Bell to pray for the nation (and now the upcoming elections). Each card tells a different need to pray for our nation. We find the prayer cards help to stimulate our prayer times, especially for the children, who often run out of ideas to pray. It teaches them to stay focused and gives ideas for prayer which they often don’t have.

If you are not currently praying, can you begin today? Gather your family together at your evening meal tonight and PRAY TOGETHER, Everyone around the table. Don’t just pray. CALL out to God to save our nation. You may have to rearrange your whole schedule. We can’t even consider that sacrifice when we consider that our nation hangs in the balances.

Can you imagine what could happen if every God-fearing, Bible believing family began to gather their family together morning and evening and cry out to God for this nation. We can quote 2 Chronicles 7:14 by heart, but do we believe it or do anything about it?

Luke 18:7-8: "Shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry DAY AND NIGHT unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily."

Let’s take up our responsibility as God-fearing families.

Love from Nancy Campbell

For further reference, clink on these links:

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BlinkGoneYou’ll enjoy the lovely poem typed below, written by a dear friend of mine, Val Halloran. Val shares the message, and as an older mother I also reiterate it:

Slow down, dear mother. These days with your little ones go so fast. Make the most of every moment and every day with them. In a blink of your eye, they will be grown and left the nest. These are the most precious days of your life. I know they can be trying and overwhelming, but they are very precious years. Try to make time to record the special things they say and do. I thought I would remember, but as the years have gone by I have forgotten.

You only have their childhood to train them and it goes by so quickly. Don’t waste this great privilege from God by giving your God-given gifts to someone else to train. God has given them to YOU to train in His ways. Embrace every moment of your high calling from God.

Love from Nancy

I think back to the day you came
To bless me long ago;
All I knew about you was your name
And that I loved you so.

A tiny bundle, soft and sweet,
God's special gift to me.
Uniquely made to be like Him,
To live eternally!

The days and months flew quickly by;
I was told the time would pass;
But with lots of babes and work to do,
I didn't know then how fast.

I wanted more than anything
To lead you in God's ways,
To teach you that to live for Him
Was the reason you were made.

Now that you're grown and on your own,
And time to train has passed,
Though you say you saw faith in me,
I still wish I could go back,

To cherish more those fleeting times,
To show you of His love.
Though I tried to point you all to Him,
I'll never feel I did enough.

But I'll say to you what was said to me,
That as you love and train your own,
Slow down, enjoy these precious ones,
In a blink, they'll all be grown.

@2013, Val Halloran

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AreYouComingReading Psalm 95 this morning I noticed the inviting word, Come. In fact, the invitation comes three times. Let’s read it:

“O COME, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us COME before his presence with thanksgiving, and make joyful noise unto him with psalms . . . . O COME, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”

God wants us to COME into His presence. We don’t just float into his presence. We COME. We act. This word in the Hebrew is a verb meaning “to walk, go, follow, lead, carry (maybe babies and little ones), pursue, march, and run.”

We come into God’s presence individually and collectively. We make effort to spend time with God personally. But the context of this Scripture is togetherness. We come collectively before the Lord, first as a family, and then as a body of believers.

You notice that each time it says come, that it says, “Let US come.” It’s not only me. It’s all of us together. We make time to come into God’s presence as a family each day. We do this morning and evening in our home. I am sure you have realized that this just doesn’t happen! Suddenly everyone appears at the correct time? No, we make it happen.

For our morning devotions, I make sure everyone in the home is up at a certain time, breakfast eaten, and ready to come into His presence as a family. Each member of the home comes. It’s “let US.” No one sleeps in. No one is left out.

At our evening gathering, we all gather at the table, enjoy our meal together, and then open God’s precious word and worship. This means everyone is present at the meal table. No exceptions, unless it is for something special. As the mother of the home, I must organize my whole schedule to make this happen every day. I want everyone in my home to COME INTO HIS PRESENCE, don’t you? Therefore, we must work to make it happen.

It’s all about COMING, ladies.

And what about our corporate gatherings, whether in small groups or large congregations? We still need to COME! We gave to get ready in time, once again organizing our schedule to make sure everyone in the family is ready. We get in our cars. We get to our gathering on time. Not late. We come with eager hearts.

We don’t come to sit like stuffed ducks. This psalm reminds us that we:
• Come to sing unto the Lord.
• Come to make a joyful noise to the Lord. Do you notice two words? Joyful! And noise! God wants us to sing to Him with everything within us—LOUDLY and JOYFULLY.
• Come with thanksgiving.
• Come with psalms (ready to share a revelation from the Word of God).
• Come with a worshipful heart.
• Come ready to bow down in worship.
• Come to kneel before the Lord our Maker.

Teach your children to respond with eager and COMING HEARTS.

“Children, it’s time for Family Devotions,” and they come running.

“Children, it’s time to come for the table,” and they come running.

“Children, it’s time to leave for church; we want to be early” and they come runnIng.

Many blessings to you today,

Love from Nancy Campbell

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GloryNationWe speak of the glory of God, often not knowing what we speak about. Our finite minds will never understand God’s eternal glory. Even in the eternal realm I think it will still be difficult for us to comprehend. However, God deigns to reveal His glory on earth—through creation and through His people.

He wants to be glorified in our lives—in our spirits and in our bodies (John 10:10 and 1 Corinthians 6:20). He wants us to do everything we do each day, even the most mundane and practical things, for His glory (1 Corinthians 10:31).

There are so many aspects to God’s glory, but are you aware of a specific glory God has given to you? In the book of Hosea, God tells Ephraim that He will take away their glory from them because of their sin. What was this glory? Let’s read it in Hosea 9:11 RSV: “Ephraim’s glory shall fly away like a bird – no birth, no pregnancy, no conception!”

God looks upon motherhood and the bringing forth of children as a glory. He told Ephraim they would have no more conception, no more pregnancy, and no more births. This was not only Israeli’s glory, but God’s glory.

Every new baby that is born is created in the image of God. They are born with the glory of God upon them. No wonder we experience such a special atmosphere in our homes when a new baby comes to us.

God wants to reveal His glory on the earth through our children. They are for signs and for wonders (Isaiah 8:18).

When we hold back conception; when we put a stop to the function of our womb, when we refuse pregnancy; and when we don’t want another baby, we limit the glory of God.

Let’s embrace our motherhood which is the glory of the nation. Let’s exude the glory of God.

Be blessed today, Nancy Campbell

Painting by Nora Kasten

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HeedingYesterday we talked about how “sound doctrine” is practical godly living. We read about the BEAUTIFUL things God wants us to do as wives and mothers (see BEAUTIFUL THINGS post below). However, Titus 2:5 goes on to say that if we don’t embrace this BEAUTIFUL lifestyle, that instead we become “a scandal to the gospel” (MOFFAT).

This sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Please don’t get mad with me. I am quoting God’s Word. As we look at other translations, starting with the King James Version, we can’t get away from the gravity of turning away from this lifestyle.

Blaspheme the Word of God (KJV).
Bring disrepute to the Word of God (NEB).
Bring reproach to the Word of God (AMP).
Bring shame on the Word of God (HCSB).
Discredit the Word of God (RSV).
Disgrace the Word of God (TJB, CJB).
Dishonor the Word of God (NASB).
Malign the Word of God (NIV).
Revile the Word of God (ESV).
Slander the Word of God (MLB, HCSB).
Speak evil of the Word of God (GNB).

It is not a pretty picture, is it? I’m sorry I need to write this, but I must be faithful to declare the whole truth, and not only half of it.

The word in the Greed is “blasphemo” and comes from two words:
Blapto – to hurt, and
Pheme – reputation.

Therefore, it means that when we do not walk in the beautiful things of Titus 2:4, 5 that we hurt the reputation of God’s Word.

Because there have been so few older women teaching the younger women how to love their husbands and children and how to be keepers at home, we now have a whole generation who have no understanding of God’s plan for women. They have not even seen the lifestyle before their eyes. They did not see it growing up in their own family. Many come from two-child families and were never around babies. They spent most of their lives at school and college and did not have time to learn the art of cooking and managing a home.

Many have embraced the workforce, rather than motherhood--many times living on fast food, with no time to sit together as families around a homecooked meal, enjoying interaction and family devotions together. Because of the “me first “and the “entitlement” mentality in our society today, many marriages are falling apart.

May our nation of Christians turn back to the beautiful lifestyle God ordained in the very beginning so that we will become a “good advertisement” for His Word and His plan that was devised in eternity.

Be encouraged today,

Nancy Campbell

Painting by Anna Silivonchik

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MallOrdersIf you stand for the Christian principles upon which this nation was founded and if you love to hear the beautiful carols and Christian hymns during the Christmas period, here’s your opportunity to take a stand. You can call or email the company who are banning Christmas carols from their mall this Christmas. I’m not sure about you, but I think it is wonderful to have Christmas carols play in the public arena during this time of the year. It is so uplifting.

I couldn’t get through on phone but emailed instead. Go to:

Blessings from Nancy

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BeautifulThingsI know you believe it is important to have a foundation of “sound doctrine.” You want to teach your children “sound doctrine.” You are not one who is “tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.”

Therefore, what is the sound doctrine the Bible talks about? In Titus 2:1 Paul writes to Titus: “Speak thou the things which become sound doctrine,” and immediately proceeds to tell the older and younger men, the older and younger women, and the servants how to act in their daily lives! This is what the Word of God calls sound doctrine--living godly in our daily lives.

Sound doctrine is practical living. In your home, in your kitchen, and mothering and training your children. That’s why Paul immediately follows the message of sound doctrine by telling the older women to teach the young women how to live. They are to be “teachers of good things.” The Greek word is “kalodidaskalos” and means to be a teacher of beautiful and valuable things

What are these beautiful things? You remember them. To be self-controlled, pure, to love our husbands and to be submissive to them, to love our children, to be keepers at home, and to be kind. These are all BEAUTIFUL things in the sight of God. No wonder the J. B. Phillips' translation says they are “a good advertisement for the Christian faith.”

What a privilege you have in your home today. You have the opportunity to practically live out sound doctrine. You have the blessing of doing BEAUTIFUL things all day long.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day,

Nancy Campbell

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HealingTongue2Speak life into your home today.

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StandingLifeYou can see the drawings or watch the YouTube. Clink on the links below:

Dear Reader, forgive me, I know these illustrations are horrific, but we cannot put our heads in the sand. We cannot stand idly by while babies are murdered in such a horrific way, and lawfully up until the time of birth.

Our God is a God of life. He creates every precious new life that is conceived. He loves each new life. He has plans and destiny for each special life (Psalm 139:13-16). And these lives are eternal.

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of life. If we belong to the kingdom of God we must stand on the side of life. If we do not cringe and cry at the devastation of life in the womb in this way, we belong to the kingdom of darkness which hates life.

We must stand against the candidate, Hilary Clinton, who unashamedly promotes the murdering of babies in this way, right up until the birth of the baby. We must do everything in our power to stop her anti-life agenda.

~ Nancy Campbell


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BeStrong2Even when it’s hard to be strong for ourselves, we must be strong for our children and others around us.

When Joab (the captain of King David’s army) faced a mighty battle with the Ammonites he said to his warriors: “Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God” (2 Samuel 10:12). The phrase “play the men” means “to be courageous, valiant, to conquer.” The word is used mostly in the context of battle.

Do you notice that Joab encouraged his men to be strong and courageous, not just for themselves, but “FOR OUR PEOPLE, AND FOR THE CITIES OF OUR GOD”?

God is with you, dear mother. Even when you feel week in yourself, you can call on God’s strength in the battle. He is with you. He is the One who gives you courage. And He gives you courage to be strong for your family.

I believe we are in a time when we not only have to be strong for our families, but for our cities, and our nation! We must stand strong for righteousness. We must stand strong for the life of the unborn. We must be courageous to oppose all evil, even in the face of ridicule.

We must be strong at this election time to vote for righteousness. In this coming election I am not voting FOR someone as much as I am voting AGAINST! Because I belong to the kingdom of God which is a kingdom of righteousness, a kingdom of light, and a kingdom of life, I must oppose all evil and everything that seeks to destroy life. I am not warring against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

Therefore, I will vote against the candidate who brashly believes that babies should be aborted even one day before they are born, because they are still in the womb. I am voting against the shutting down of the Christian voice in the nation and the candidate who believes that Christians and evangelicals will need to change their thinking to all that is unbiblical and against God.

Let’s be courageous in this hour, not just for ourselves, but for your children, our children’s children, and the destiny of this nation.

Blessings from Nancy Campbell

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CornerstoneHomeThe other day I wrote a post, A MANLY THING, about young men being ready to take responsibility in marriage. I can’t leave out the young women. It’s important for them to be prepared also. As with the men, many young women today have rarely held a baby. They know nothing about motherhood or managing a home. They have spent most of their life at school, college, and even partying. They have not been prepared mentally for the embracing of children or establishing a home.

They fall in love and “eventually “get married, but have no thought of having children. That’s something in the far distant future. This is not God’s plan. The first words He spoke to the first married couple were “Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth.” If a couple are not ready to embrace children, they are not ready for marriage. They are still immature and irresponsible.

Wow, that’s a statement most people won’t like today.

They think they are responsible by waiting until they have “all their ducks in a row” and are financially successfully before they could have children. But that depends whether you are depending upon yourself or upon God. That depends whether you have a humanistic worldview or a biblical worldview.

The Bible tells us that when He sends a child, that He will provide. Of course, we don’t know when God will give us a baby. It’s not a given that it will happen right away. We don’t know whether God will give us only one or two or maybe ten, but that’s His prerogative. If we walk with the Lord, we walk by faith and trust in His absolute sovereignty. It comes down to this fact: we either trust in our own resources or in God’s sovereignty and His resources which never fail.

Plus, there is nothing like the addition of children to mature a young man and woman. They grow up overnight (unless they are steeped in deception and demanding their own way rather than yielding to the will of God).

Psalm 144:12 tells us that our daughters are to be like the cornerstones of a palace. A cornerstone is the one that forms the very foundation of a building. It is the mainstay. When our daughters marry and begin establishing a home, they are the very core, heart, backbone, and bedrock of the home. If they haven’t been trained to manage a home and embrace and care for children, how will they cope? Many times they don’t.

And if we don’t have mothers as the cornerstone of their homes, how will our homes become the strength of the nation? Godly homes are the strength and stability of a nation. Marriages and homes that are fragmented and falling apart weaken the nation.

Are you raising cornerstones?

Love from Nancy Campbell

Picture: Shelby and Josiah at their wedding rehearsal. Yes, they are both always holding babies, any time you see them, at their rehearsal, and even on their wedding day.

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MotherLeaderYou are not insignificant, dear mother. God has chosen you to lead your children into their destiny and all that God has planned for them. Rise up into your calling.

~ Nancy

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ManlyThingOn Sunday we enjoyed another family wedding—Josiah and Shelby. It is so wonderful to observe Josiah and his love for babies and children (he himself is the oldest of 11 children).

At their rehearsal Josiah and Shelby were both constantly holding babies. And on their wedding day, even though Josiah was enamored with his beautiful bride, he constantly sought out little babies to cuddle. During the speeches at the end of the day little Remmy (Serene’s baby) began crawling along the floor. I observed that immediately Josiah got down behind the chair and peeked out behind it to get Remmy’s eye and play with him. He can’t help himself.

During the bride and groom dance, Josiah’s little sister came and danced all around them and they loved it.

This is such a beautiful thing to me. And such a manly thing. So many young men today would not even have the time of day to notice a baby, especially on their wedding day. Sadly, they have been raised in a humanistic society that doesn’t embrace children. They don’t know anything about babies or raising children. They have been raised in two-child families where they have not had the privilege of little ones around them and don’t know how to relate to them.

Josiah and Shelby are a young couple. But they are ready. Josiah is ready to take on providing for his wife and a family as they come along. They are both ready to embrace family, and as soon as possible. This is true manhood. This is God’s plan from the very beginning of time. He didn’t intend men to amble along in their single estate for years and years. He purposes for men to get married, take on their manly responsibility, and embrace children.

Let’s raise sons who are real men.

Love from Nancy Campbell

Picture: Josiah cuddling Ezzie (Rashida’s baby) on his wedding day.

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HealingTongueWhat is your tongue like today? Lashing out at everyone? Griping about everything and everyone? God wants you to have a healing tongue in your home today. Proverbs 15:4 (TLV) says: “A healing tongue is a tree of life.”

I was most interested to read Young’s Literal Translation of this Scripture (the same Robert Young who compiled “Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible”). This translation says: “A HEALED tongue is a tree of life, and perverseness in it –a breach in the spirit.” I love this. I think we all need our tongue to be HEALED, don’t we? It’s all very well to have a “healing tongue,” but our tongue needs to be healed before it can bring healing to those around us.

We need the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit to touch our lips each morning. Just like Isaiah when he saw the LORD and exclaimed, “Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips.” Then the seraphim took a coal from the altar and laid it on his mouth and said, “Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged” (Isaiah 6).

Let’s pray: “Dear Father God, please touch my lips with your holy fire today and heal them from all perverseness. I want to be a healing tongue in my home today to my husband and to my children. Amen.”

All God’s blessings,

Nancy Campbell


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BeautyWorshipIt is always fascinating to see twins, isn’t it? You can’t help looking at them, especially when they are identical. I myself had twins 51 years ago. A boy and a girl and they were so different that if people didn’t know, they didn’t recognize I had twins. But it was a great blessing. I used to say that there’s only one thing better than having a baby, and that’s having two babies!

However, did you know the Bible also has many twins? I love looking for them as I read God’s Word. You will immediately think of Mercy and Truth, Faith and Love, Righteousness and Peace etc.

Another set of twins are Beauty and Holiness. Holiness is beautiful and beauty should be clothed with holiness. In fact, most times these twins are mentioned in the context of clothing. Psalm 92:2 says: “Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.” It actually refers to the holy garments the priests wore when they worshipped and served the Lord. And also when they went out to battle (Psalm 110:3; 2 Chronicles 20:11; and Revelation 1:14).

God is a God of holiness and beauty. When He gave the design of the clothes for the high priest, God stated had to be made for “glory and for beauty” (Exodus 28:2).

It’s rather interesting that it refers to garments. God wants His people to dress beautifully because He loves beauty, but He also wants them to be holy. Remember, they are twins! Inseparable.

Why then do some women like to wear (sometimes even to church) low cut and short dresses? What message do they want to portray? It’s certainly not one of holiness, or even of beauty. We need to be reminded of who we are. We are called “The people of thy holiness” (Isaiah 63:18). We are called “The Holy People” (Isaiah 62:12). We are called “The holy seed” (Ezra 9:2). We are called “a holy nation” (1 Peter 2:9).

God’s temple was called the “holy and beautiful house” (Isaiah 64:11). You are now the temple of the Lord. You are His dwelling place and He wants you to be a holy and beautiful house for Him.

Let’s dress in a holy and beautiful manner.

Blessings to you today,

Nancy Campbell

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