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Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is an internationally known author, speaker, and authority on Biblical Manhood and Family.

Called to the encouragement and lifting up of men throughout the world Colin is an author of books, teaching CDs and DVD's.

As author of Where Are The Real Men of God? and 21st Century Patriarch DVD studies, Colin often speaks at family retreats  and Men's groups throughout the year also.

Believing God’s plan is "building godly generations" through men and families, he seeks to impart God’s truth to the next generation and their children too.


TimePrayThings go wrong for us when we mistakenly step out of the will of God. However, God still draws us back to a better end.

The account of Ruth’s marriage to Boaz in the Bible is indeed a beautiful type of Christ and His marriage to the grafted in Gentile church. Because of a famine in the land of Bethlehem/Judah, Elimelech took his wife, Naomi, and his two sons to dwell in the land of Moab. This proved to be a bad decision. Despite the possibilities of a better life among the Moabites as far as physical wellbeing was concerned, tragically everything went wrong.

The Moabites were pagan, idol worshippers. Abimelech died in the land of Moab and left Naomi a widow with two sons who eventually married Moabite women, Orpah and Ruth. Sadly, for whatever reason, the two sons died leaving Naomi.

Perhaps Naomi and her husband had not sought God for direction. Perhaps they had not waited for the Lord and instead taken matters into their own hand. How easy it is for us to do the same thing. Naomi confesses in Ruth 1:13: “The hand of the LORD is gone out against me.”

Both her and her husband had got off course with God. They had been well off when they left Israeli borders. She mentions in Ruth 1:21: “I went out full, and the LORD hath brought me home again empty.” Naomi pleads with her daughters-in-law to return to their own families and not to travel with her back to her home for she knew there was little hope for them to find husbands in Israel.

Somehow she had got news that “the LORD had visited his people in given them bread” (Ruth 1:6). I am sure by this time she wished she had stayed in Israel and stuck it out through the famine. Moving away is not always the right choice when things go wrong. Instead, when things go wrong, don’t panic and run. Stay and pray.

2 Chronicles 7:14 states: “If my people, which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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Dear Fellow Believers,

As you can tell from my greeting, I am writing primarily to you, the American church. I am doing so personally, not representing Dutch Sheets Ministries. Though this is longer than the blogs I normally send, please read it as an urgent, heartfelt appeal. The sense of urgency I feel is hard to put in words. I have prayed and wept much over the condition of our nation, and continue to be deeply burdened. We are so close to the precipice of a complete self-destruction—a devastation of such magnitude that it would take decades to recover. Some believe a complete recovery would never be possible. The America we have known and loved is being systematically dismantled and reshaped.

Voting is a precious right and a serious responsibility; I realize it is also a very personal and private one. We do it by secret ballot in America for a reason. I don't want to be another voice of manipulation—there are so many in presidential election campaigns—therefore, it is with the utmost caution and conviction that I do this.

I also want to state upfront that I am neither a registered Republican nor Democrat. Years ago, I concluded that if my "calls to prayer" were to be trusted by believers across the board, I would have to issue them as an independent voter. With this in mind, I relinquished my party affiliation, along with the rights to vote in primaries, help shape party platforms, possibly become a delegate, etc. and became an Independent. Since then, like many of you I have become fed-up with both parties—disillusioned with the Republicans, offended and appalled by the Democrats. I say this to assure you that I am not making this appeal in order to stump for "my party's candidate."

Finally, I want to also preface my appeal by saying I have not been a huge Trump fan. Had I been allowed to vote in the primaries, he would not have been my first choice. His seeming arrogance, insults, history of philandering, personal ambition, etc. were very disconcerting to me. I kept an open mind, however, knowing God uses imperfect people and that He is very merciful—I don’t condone sin, but neither do I cast the first stone—and knowing that people do, indeed, change. I was also challenged to remain open-minded about Trump by the fact that several spiritual leaders I trusted were convinced God wanted to use him to overthrow an ineffective and corrupt system. Over time, I came to agree with them. However, for me, this election is not nearly as much about who I am for, as it is who and what I am against; and frankly, even with my initial concerns, the decision has never been easier.

One of the most devastating occurrences in America in our lifetimes, ranking up with The Supreme Court's decisions of Roe vs. Wade and Engel vs. Vitale (the removal of prayer from schools), was the election of Barack Obama. I gave a strong warning about what would happen to our nation if he was elected. Sadly, it has all come to pass: a continued liberalization and empowerment of the judicial system in America; a weakened economy (our national debt has doubled in 7 years to $19 TRILLION!)[1]; further moral deterioration, along with a rebellion to and mockery of God (does anyone remember the White House lit up in the colors of the LGBT movement after marriage was re-defined by the Supreme Court? If that wasn't an "in your face" to God and those of us who "cling to their God, guns and religion" by the man who mockingly said it, I don't know what could ever be!); increased violence; a weakened position in the world, along with a weakened military; the advance of radical Islamist terrorism; a setback in race relations; and more. I rejoice that our nation has been able to elect our first black president. I am deeply saddened, however, that it was Barack Obama.

The damage has been so great that America is now one president away from a complete transformation to secularism, a loss of our Judeo-Christian foundation, the loss of our position as the stabilizing force for good in the earth, and the leading voice of the gospel to all the world. If elected, Hillary Clinton will be the president who finishes the job. She stands almost entirely against everything we, the church, are for, and for everything we are against. Hillary is pro-abortion, including partial-birth abortion, the most insidious evil of the last century; will raise taxes while continuing out-of-control spending; will further weaken our military; is for completely open borders[2]; is pro-gay marriage; supports Obamacare; has no respect for our Judeo-Christian heritage; sells influence; and is a proven liar. Do not be fooled—she will completely finish what Obama started.

The notion peddled by some "Never Trump" Republicans that they can keep Hillary from accomplishing what she wants for 4 years, then replace her with someone they prefer, is laughable. The fact that they should know this, and don't, is truly scary. Even more frightening is...perhaps they do. The Republican Congress has done nothing to stop Obama; why should we believe they will do so with Hillary? When they threaten to curb Obama with "the power of the purse," he simply calls their bluff and either bullies them into giving him what he wants, or simply does as he pleases through unconstitutional executive orders. A Republican controlled Congress has done nothing to defund Obamacare, slow down the TRILLIONS of dollars of debt he has accrued, prevent his treasonous acts with Iran, defund Planned Parenthood and their selling of babies' body parts (can you even believe such a thing even exists, and that the Obama’s and Hillary condone it?!), or stop any number of other inappropriate actions and wasteful expenditures. Much of Washington, DC is an out-of-control cancer that must be cut out.

To be sure, there are Republican leaders who desperately want to change things but the entrenched, lobbyist-owned, career politicians–many of them liberals in conservative clothing–have neither the will, backbone, and perhaps not the intellect needed to change it. Radical surgery is necessary. Again, it is laughable to think that the leadership of this weak and diluted Republican Congress would be able or willing to stop the agenda of the libs once they enjoy an even greater momentum from another White House win. Someone please tell me why we should believe that. If the Republican Party has not sold us out, why did they spend $18.2 million on Bush's election in 2004, $53.5 million for McCain in 2008, $42.4 million for Romney in 2012, and $0 on ads to elect Trump?![3] They have sold us out.

It is also ridiculous, and perhaps insincere, for the "Never Trump" Republican leaders to suggest "we would only need to reverse 4-8 years of damage if Hillary is elected, which in the long run isn't much." Again, these leaders are either lying or horribly deceived. The damage presently occurring to our nation is—in the sense of time—exponential. Every year of damage means closer to 10 years in it's longevity.

• How long will it take America to reverse another $4-8 trillion of increased debt? Decades!

• How long will it take us to recover from the decimating of our military? Decades!

• How long will it take to defeat a now entrenched Obama/Clinton-enabled ISIS? Decades! (And honest military and intelligence leaders admit that we now have many radical Islamist terrorists here in the US, not just abroad.)

• How long will it take to undo the loss of appropriate fear, which our enemies, and the enemies of freedom around the world, once had toward us? Decades! (Our enemies now laugh at us, while attacking us with our own weapons, or weapons purchased with millions in ransom money we paid them. While Putin rebuilds the Soviet empire and China makes plans to rule the world, we are disarming. We can’t even identify our enemies. Obama and those around him are foolish and spineless, and our military leaders know it. We are the laughingstock of our enemies. Hillary helped to set this debacle of foreign policy, and she will continue it.)

• How long will it take to recover from 2–5 Clinton lifetime appointees to the Supreme Court? Decades! If she appoints five, which is feasible, she will have single-handedly appointed over half of the Supreme Court, and will have given the liberal, non-constitutionalists a 30-40 year, 7–2 majority advantage! (There is one vacancy now, and of the other 8 Justices, the three oldest are 77, 79 and 83; two more are in their late 60’s.) Then there are the several hundred lifetime Federal Judges she would appoint. Obama has already appointed nearly half of our Federal Judges—all liberals—and Hillary would appoint the other half. This entire scenario is unthinkable! If all this occurs, these overreaching, legislating ideologues will finish the job of decimating everything you and I stand for. America as we have known it may then be gone forever. We have less than three weeks to stop this.

Do not listen to the "only four years" crowd!

I also want to make an appeal to those who say their conscience won't allow them to vote for either Trump or Clinton, so they simply won't vote at all. I sincerely respect your convictions, but in this election, that argument fails the logic test (as does voting for someone who cannot possibly win). Trump’s potential negative developments do not come close to the magnitude of those Hillary would produce. We simply cannot—regardless of our concerns regarding Trump—allow all the above-mentioned consequences to happen. I respectfully appeal to you to turn your "conscience" and "principles" toward the unborn, your children, grandchildren, and the destiny of this nation. Please! We have already been down this “not voting” path once before when millions of evangelicals refused to vote for Romney because he was a Mormon. As disgusted as I am with Romney’s current choice of Hillary over Trump, how much better off would we have been with him, rather than 4 more years of Obama?

To see how Trump would actually lead, I would challenge you to look at those with whom he has surrounded himself: Pence; Carson; Huckabee; Giuliani; Christie; Gingrich; Palin; trusted generals; law enforcement officials; border patrol officials; evangelical leaders of all races; and otherwise, ethical, conservative leaders. What does this tell us? It is probably the greatest indicator of who Trump now is, clearly making the case that he has changed his moral ways over the past 10 years, as he claims. I personally believe he has changed. I also believe God has gripped his heart for the nation, and is in the process of further transforming Mr. Trump. God has certainly allowed him to be humbled. Of course, the statements made by Trump on the video released from 2005 were despicable. However, if we reject him because of the sins of his past, we would also have to reject Abraham, King David, Rahab, “the woman at the well”, Mary Magdeline—all adulterers in their unrighteous past. And don’t forget murderers like the Apostle Paul. A lot of formerly despicable people will be in heaven! And a lot of them, by the way, became great leaders and champions for God. Some changed the world.

These associations also tell us that Trump’s stated conservative bent is genuine, and they state that he is wise enough to know what he doesn't know! I believe Trump is showing us that he will function, if elected president, as any wise businessperson does: find qualified people who know how to get the job done, as in the above examples, and empower them to do it. I like those whom he is signaling to us would be those leaders. They are proven, trustworthy and honorable. If you cannot vote for Trump, vote for them.

Hillary, on the other hand, would give us 4–8 more years of polytheists, liberal progressives, media elites, police-haters, global statists, financially irresponsible leaders and a weak military.

Perhaps a better way for the disenchanted to approach this election is to vote AGAINST someone. I would suggest to you that voting against a candidate is a good reason to vote! "Neutrality" is not a valid option at this critical crossroads in history. The times demand that we make a stand! If not for, make your stand against:

• Vote against the foolish, selfish, shortsighted, establishment Republicans fighting to maintain their power.

• Vote against an immoral, ungodly Democratic Party. (To those who take issue with this characterization, don't forget that they booed God at their convention in 2012.)[4]

• Vote against an unelected, unaccountable, overreaching, out of control Judiciary that believes it has the right to reshape America.

• Vote against the unethical, biased, lying and untrustworthy media. (We will never reclaim America until we reject their influence. They may be the single greatest obstacle to America's recovery.)

• Vote against a weakened military.

• Vote against a loss of national sovereignty and a one-world government.

• Vote against open borders.

• Vote against policies that enable radical Islamist terrorism.

• Vote against the removing of our 2nd Amendment rights.

• Vote against higher taxes.

• Vote against Obamacare.

• Vote against the redefining of marriage. (It is not too late to reverse this.)

• Vote against abortion-on-demand, partial-birth abortion, and Planned Parenthood with its selling of babies' body parts.

• Vote against liberalism and progressivism.

• Vote against the silencing of the church. (Only the totally naïve do not see this coming quickly.)

• Vote against revising our history and the loss of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

• Vote against the politicization and exploitation of racism, and the polarizing of America.

• Vote against the slandering and weakening of law-enforcement.

• Vote against the politicization of the Justice Department, the FBI and other important departments of government. (Both departments are now undeniably and shamelessly used for political purposes and to oppose Christians and conservatives.)

Pastors, if you've ever made a stand, make one now—it may be your last chance. Tell your people the truth…clearly. Pray and fast! Turn your services into prayer meetings.

To all believers, if you agree with what I have written, forward it to all of your friends and family members. Most of them hear only from a hypocritical, lying media, which is now the propaganda arm of the liberal agenda. Speak up. Appeal to them to read this and think about it.

And vote!

Vote for a future, one that includes what you love and believe in. Trump has flaws, but Hillary will be fatal.

Dutch Sheets

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It is most important that we as husbands and fathers seek the mind of the Lord regarding how we should vote so we can influence our families.

BY: Dr. Jim Garlow / Skyline Church, San Diego

I have been asked "the question" so many times regarding Trump or Hillary. By way of background, I have followed every national convention—Republican and Democrat—from the time I was age 9, and have attended most of the GOP Conventions from 1984 to the present. I have watched the news virtually every day from the age of 8. I have never seen anything like what we are observing.

In spite of the unprecedented nature of this election cycle, I will attempt to respond to "the question." I am not demanding that anyone else share my view. But I was asked. Here is my best attempt to answer as I am able to see things at this time:

1. The Democratic and Republican party platforms are as different as night and day, in my opinion, as far apart as evil vs.good.

The 51-page Democratic platform is the most leftist ever.(I don't care for the "right vs. left" nomenclature. I am far more concerned with "right vs. wrong.") The Democratic platform contains many points which are anti-biblical. (Time does not permit me here to identify what is meant by "anti-biblical," which is covered in my new book Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues.)
It is thoroughly socialistic (a socialist is a communist without a gun).

The 54-page GOP platform is one of the strongest GOP platforms ever. A biblically alert person could be comfortable with almost all of it. Party platforms are a big issue to me. Although some "blow off" party platforms, I do not. Nor do many people up and down the ballot who are running for office. This is a serious and very important item. I have a hard copy of both platforms in front of me now. Most people have never checked out what the party platforms say. They should. If a person is not drawn to the "top-of-the-ballot" candidate, they ought to at least consider voting for the candidate attached to the best party platform.

2. Analogy #1: Both candidates are flawed. We all know that, but permit me an analogy: As a pastor, I would rather deal with a church attendee who is blatant and brash in his sinning than one who is devious, lying, cunning, and deceptive. Both are problematic, but one is easier to deal with than the other. If I were a pastor bringing correction to a parishioner, I would prefer dealing with a "Trump-type" any day over a "Hillary-type." The chances of making progress with the "Trump-type" is many times greater than the "Hillary-type."

3. Analogy #2: When my (late) wife's remarkable and much loved oncologist said, "Don't take Carol to that alternative (non FDA approved) treatment." I asked, "Why not?" He said, "The unknown." I said, "Doctor, your 'known' is much worse than the alternative treatment's 'unknown.'" (I took her to that alternative treatment. One year later that same oncologist went to the alternative treatment doctor to see how it was that Carol had improved so much. While this alternative treatment did not ultimately save her life, it likely stretched two to three years of life to six years of life—by the admission of another one of her brilliant young oncologists who later said, "Without any medical training or scientific fact, you have put together a protocol of treatment that has moved her into the top fraction of 1 percent of survival rates of all patients with Carol's particular cancer). Application of the analogy: Hillary's "known" is considerably worse—many times over—than Trump's "unknown."

4. Trump has lots of sins in his past (actually, we all do), and—in the present—says things he should not say. I make no attempt to defend any of the things he has said. There is no need to rehash the wrong things he has said. We know what they are. He should not have thought or said them. But there is no need to rehash them here, so we won't. But let's turn to the other candidate. Although America has had some scandal-ridden candidates in its history, we have never seen any one major party candidate more constantly scandalous as Hillary (along with her husband). She seems to exceed all previous boundaries for wrongdoing. The scandals just don't stop. In the same way we did not take time to list all of Trump's misstatements, neither will we here rehash the seemingly continuous string of horrific scandals of the Clintons.

5. Trump is slowly being surrounded by increasingly good people. From time to time, I receive encouraging calls regarding this. Can these good people impact Trump? We will see. In contrast, I see no reason for any encouragement regarding the people who surround Hillary.

6. Trump is right on approximately 75 percent of the issues. I wish it was 100 percent. It is not. I am in hopes that those beginning to surround him can help him connect the dots on more issues. Hillary is wrong on 100 percent of the issues.

7. This next issue might be one of the most important, but I suspect few will understand its significance. Trump opposes globalism. Hillary thrives on it. Globalism is far more than "geographical" or "eliminating national borders and boundaries." It is spiritual, that is, demonic at its core. Few—very few—understand this. This is quite likely one of the main reasons why Trump is hated. Do your homework on this one. Think "principalities and powers." Serious, EXTREMELY serious.

8. Not voting is not a viable option, contrary to what the "purists" claim. It is not my intention to begin a war of the issue. I know that some radically disagree with this. My view? They have the right to be wrong.

9. Voting for a third party candidate is—regardless of what is said—a complete "throw-away." No third party candidate will be elected, or even come remotely close to being elected. And yes, that matters to me. And for the record, the Libertarian ticket—Johnson and Weld—is nearly as bad on many issues as Hillary. When I listen to them, I am stunned people of their ability have ever made it to elective office.

10. Trump has moved pro-life. Hillary is pro-baby killing, and prides herself on that, and honors the organization—Planned Parenthood—that actually traffics human parts from dead babies whom they have killed. This is below anything we have seen since Nazi Germany . The gall of Hillary! The Clintons have evaded justice for decades and likely will continue to. But they will someday stand before the Great White Throne. They will have to give account of their support of the ripping babies to shreds in the womb. For the record, those who vote for those who support the genocide of pre-borns will also have to give an account.

11. Trump wants to defend the nation (which is the purpose of government). Hillary has a horrific track record as Secretary of State, and due to hundreds of millions of dollars given to her and her husband's foundation, she is beholden to those who want us dead.

12. Hillary claims "everything is fine" in America. This defies every single fact, but facts have never been an interest of Hillary's. Trump understands that it is 11:59 p.m. on the "cultural clock." America is near the end—morally, economically, militarily and, sadly, spiritually. There are very clear identifiable indicators—measurable ones—that America is no longer the world's leading power. That day is over. Hillary will hasten the final destruction. Trump could either slow that down—or possibly, with God's help—reverse it... Maybe.

13. Trump will address the massive government spending. Hillary will expand it above the existing unsustainable debt the U.S. currently is carrying (almost $20 trillion plus unfunded liabilities to Social Security, etc).

14. Trump will expose—and I pray, bring down—"the systemic evil" (crony, deceitful, misuse of capitalism) that reigns among many high-dollar lobbyists. Hillary thrives because of them.

15. Trump will stop the massive overreach of government. Hillary will extend it.

16. Freedoms come in "threes." Political freedom, economic freedom, and religious liberty coexist together. Take one away and the other two will eventually disappear. One cannot exist without the other two. The genius of America is that it had all three, until recently. Trump fully grasps the loss of religious liberty. I have heard him speak on it in person on several occasions. He knows that economic and political freedoms are evaporating. He will reverse that. Hillary will decimate all three.

17. Every rational person knows the Supreme Court appointments are paramount. Trump has listed 11 superb potential nominees. Hillary's appointments would snuff out the tiny vestige of the three freedoms that are left (mentioned in the statement above).

18. I make no excuse for wrongdoing or wrongful, hurtful words from either candidate. Candidly, I want King Jesus. He rules in my heart. And yours too, I suspect. And I want him to rule here—now. But that day is not fully manifested—yet. In the meantime, we prayerfully, carefully navigate this challenging election season, with great concern that above all, we honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in every arena of our lives, including the voting booth.

That is my hope. It is yours as well.

Dr. Jim Garlow is pastor of Skyline Church in San Diego . He is also co-founder of The Jefferson Gathering, a weekly worship service for members of Congress at the U.S. Capitol in Washington , D.C.

FYI: Skyline Church is a Wesleyan church in California.

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Ruth 3:9: “Spread therefore thy skirt over thine handmaid; for thou art a near kinsman.” The wedding garment of fine linen is composed of all the attributes and virtues that are in Christ Jesus. Each day and throughout our Christian walk we are to put them on.

Colossians 3:12-16 says: “PUT ON therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye. And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness. And let the peace of God rule your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body, and be ye thankful.”

However, before we put on all the virtues that make up the wedding garment, we must put off all the things that are part of the old, fallen nature. Colossians 3:5-9 says: “Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence and covetousness, which is idolatry: For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience. In the which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them. But now ye also PUT OFF all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth. Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have PUT OFF the old man.”

How is it possible to attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb if the Lamb’s wife has not MADE HERSELF READY? The garments of the old life must be put off, not just covered over. The beautiful virtues of Christ are not given to us as a band aid to cover over the evils of the old satanic nature. We are to mortify (put to death) all that Christ has put to death on our behalf and instead wear His new nature.

Our life on this earth is a time of preparation. It is a time of making ourselves ready. It is time to put off the old nature with all its evil deeds and put on the new nature with all its beautiful virtues. This is what it means to put on Christ and cover ourselves with His garment of righteousness.

Ruth understood this when she put herself at the feet of Boaz, her kinsman redeemer.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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WeddingRobesRevelation 19:8 says: “And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints.”

Some translations render this word “righteousness” as “the righteous acts of the saints.” This wedding garment, which is described as “clean and white” is also a garment of righteousness. In the Strong’s Concordance, the word (134) means “equity of character or act.” This righteousness is that it is not a righteousness we have of our own, but rather the righteousness that is imputed or given to us through our relationship or acceptance of Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives.

We cannot have on the right wedding garment without clothing ourselves with Christ and His righteousness alone. 1 Corinthians 1:30 states: ¨But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.” When we, by faith, accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives, we are provided with a garment of righteousness at the same time. However, this state of righteousness does not exclude acts of righteousness, but rather manifests itself with righteous acts.

Romans 10: 9, 10 tells us that believing is accompanied by speaking.

Psalm 116:10 and 2 Corinthians 4:13 both say: “I believed, and therefore have I spoken.” Speaking and testifying are the righteous belief of the heart put into action.

To be continued.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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RuleSpiritLoveThis last weekend it was my pleasure to perform another marriage ceremony for a wonderful Christian couple, Josiah and Shelby Calhoon.

I mentioned in my wedding message the passage of Matthew 22:11-14 where it speaks of the all-important requirement of having on the required wedding garment: “And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment: And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless. Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. For many are called, but few are chosen.”

The required garment is explained in Revelation 19:7-9: “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called into the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.”

The garment was to be made of fine linen, clean and white, which is the righteousness of saints. We are told throughout Scripture about the righteous garments that we should be making ready and clothing ourselves with in preparation for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Revelation 17:14 says: “These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” We discover that the garments must be washed in the blood of the Lamb. This explains Revelation 19:8 concerning the garments being clean and white. It is only the blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God who is able to accomplish this purity. We are exhorted in Scripture to “put on Christ” with all of His virtues.

Galatians 3:27: “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”

We cannot put on Christ as a garment without putting on all of His virtues. Jesus Christ, and all of His righteous virtues, are the fine linen garment.

We do not wait for the day of the wedding to cloth ourselves with Christ all His virtues. It is imperative to do it now. Many who call themselves Christian, and yet live like the world, are putting on the wrong garments. The garments represent the “life style.” If the life style looks like the world, smells like the world, and acts like the world, it most likely is the world.

On the great Wedding Day, the one who wears the world’s garments and not the garments washed in the blood will be bound and cast into outer darkness.

To be continued.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell


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BlessedGiveRomans 5:5: “The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.”

Men, we are told in the Scriptures to “love our neighbor as ourselves” (Matthew 19:19). Most people love themselves enough to ensure they eat sufficient food to satisfy their appetite. The same thing applies to sufficient clothing, a roof over their heads, as well as transport to get around. Most people love themselves enough to keep themselves healthy by having some form of medical insurance. It would be better if they loved themselves enough to eat life-giving, healthy foods. Most people also love themselves enough to make sure they have sufficient education and their appearance and conduct is fashionable and appropriate to the occasion.

However, there is something wrong with this type of love if it doesn’t reach any further than ourselves. Love that purely concentrates on self with all its own individual needs could hardly be called the love of God.

God’s love is giving, generous, kind, and benevolent. God’s love shed abroad in our hearts changes our selfish love into concern for the needs of others around us. God’s love is more than giving away our cast offs to the needy. God does not give his cast offs. God’s love shed aboard in our hearts motivates us to give things we actually need. This could be the giving of our valuable time or the giving of money we have saved up for some special vacation we want for ourselves.

The love of God is a very powerful, motivating force that causes us to love to give more than to love to receive. If we turned the Scripture around concerning loving our neighbor as much as we love ourselves to loving ourselves as much as we love our neighbors, most of us would be on poverty street.

If we are to rule our spirits the way God wants, we had better be filled with the Holy Spirit of love more than anything else.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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GiveMeHeartMen, if love is limited in our lives, it’s influence on others will be stinted. Love always does what is best for others, no matter what. The one who wrote the great hymn, “The Love of God” obviously had a greater understanding than most of this greatest of all attributes of God.

1 Corinthians 13 is a powerful barometer and check list of what is truly the love of God and what is not. Read it again. If our spirits are not under the control of the Holy Spirit of love, we cannot represent God in a true sense because “God is love.”

The truth is that all God is and all He does, even in times of judgment and discipline, is motivated by a measureless love. Some may question God’s love when it comes to discipline and judgment. However, the Scripture is clear when it likens God’s discipline to fathers disciplining their children because they love them.

Hebrews 12:7, 8 says: “If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement; whereof all are partakers then are ye bastards, and not sons.”

If you do not believe that God chastises, how can you explain Proverbs 19:187: “Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying.” Liberalists would think this Scripture and others like it as “child abuse.”

Deuteronomy 8:5 says: “Thou shalt also consider in thine heart, that, as a man chasteneth his son, so the LORD thy God chasteneth thee.”

Love must always be the great motivating factor in everything that we do. If our spirits are not ruled by love there will be an unmistakable aloofness, stiffness, and severity about us that is absolutely not of God.

To be continued.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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PrayPeacePhilippians 4:7: “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Psalm 122:6, 7: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.”

Referring to Jerusalem, the City of Peace, the Scriptures teach us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. It says that those who love Jerusalem will prosper. We are to pray for peace to be in her walls and prosperity within her dwellings.

Hebrews 12:22 tells us that we are “Come unto mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem.” By the grace of God, we are now citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem. Revelation 3:12 and 21:2 calls it the New Jerusalem and the Holy City.

The old Jerusalem, although called the City of Peace, has not experienced very much peace during its history. Primarily because its personal relationship with God became cold and institutionalized, culminating in the rejection of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

However, we who are now by virtue of our relationship with the Prince of Peace (the New Jerusalem spiritually speaking), should be filled and overflowing with His peace. Everywhere we go we should radiate His glorious peace. As it was with Jesus, so it should be with us. People we meet should literally feel and sense God’s peace in us.

Peace that passes all understanding is not limited to having everything perfect around us. Jittery, nervous, anxious Christians are a paradox to the peace of God. We must beware of institutionalizing our Christian faith which results in failing to build up our personal relationship with the Prince of Peace.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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PeacefulSpiritJesus said in John 14:27: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

We must learn to rule our spirits by partaking of things that minister peace, not only to our own spirits, but also to the spirits of those around us.

Men, I think that one of the greatest things that possessed the life and body of Jesus when He walked this earth was His peace. What consciously and unconsciously attracted people to Him? Was it is zeal for righteousness and holiness? Was it His ability and power to heal the sick and raise the dead? Was it is His message of love? All these were attractive attributes of Jesus and it would be wrong to say that one was greater than the other.

However, in this troubled world, people long for peace. The hymn writer expressed this quest for peace when he penned the words:

When peace like a river attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll,
Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well with my soul.

In a world full of challenges and strife that can so easily take control of our spirits, we must partake liberally of the things that enable peace to rule our hearts.

When Jesus beheld the city of Jerusalem, He wept over it “Saying, if thou hadst known even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! But now they are hid from thine eyes” (Luke 19:41, 42). The Prince of Peace walked their streets and entered their temple, but they rejected Him. In doing so they rejected His peace, not only externally for the city and temple that would soon be destroyed, but they rejected His inward peace which is far greater.

The peace of God must be the internal ruler of our spirits. When peace controls our spirits, no matter what chaos happens around us, we are like the eye in the midst of the storm. The eye of the storm is a peaceful place.

Jerusalem means City of Peace (Hebrews 7:2). How amazing that the City of Peace rejected the Prince of Peace and instead received destruction.

We men must also receive Christ with open arms to rule our spirits. In this matter we must be most diligent.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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ListenVoiceWe rule our spirits by being sensitive to the “still, small voice” of the Holy Spirit. He cautions us to be careful, patient, kind, and gentle and yet at the same time to be firm regarding the truth. We should apply the fruit of the Holy Spirit to every situation where we could be tempted to be rash, volatile, and premature.

Isaiah 30:21 says: “And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”

The Holy Spirit always speak to us if we will only take the time to listen to Him before we act compulsively. Some people only hear the Holy Spirit’s voice is when it is too late to be of any redemptive use. This is immaturity.

It’s not easy for any of us to humble ourselves and apologize for the damage we make. It would have been better to have taken the time to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in the first place.

Giving vent to feelings may be the order of the day for some psychologists, but it is not the way of the Holy Spirit. Some may feel better by blowing up and getting it off their chest, but that mindset does not consider the other person’s feelings. Acting like a bull in a china shop always brings much collateral damage. We should never be willing to get into the boxing ring with people.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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HowRuleSpiritMen, because there is so much going on behind the scenes in many Christian marriages and families, it is important we learn how to take control and rule of our own spirits.

Ephesians 3:16 says: “That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man.” The word “might” is “dunamis” meaning” ability, miraculous power, strength.”

We begin looking at a few points at how to rule our spirit (and will continue).


We must do this daily. There are some who can rule their spirit without divine assistance in certain areas of their lives. A man may rule over his spirit when it comes to alcohol and substances that lead to addiction, and yet fail in morality, attitudes, and temper.

Our spirits are affected by many worldly influences. Therefore, we need the Holy Spirit, who dwells within us, to make us aware at all times of the things that are harmful to us and grieve the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit desires and deserves a clean house in which to dwell.

We must never be so self-reliant to think, even for a moment, that we can rule over our own spirits without the assistance of God’s Holy Spirit, especially in this world that is filled with many negative influences.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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RulingSpiritProverbs 25:28: “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”

Some people think more about ruling other people’s spirits than ruling their own spirit. However, if we do not have our own spirits under control, we have no right to rule the spirits of others, especially family members.

There is something terribly wrong when people feel they have to be careful what they say or how they act around you. In other words, they have to walk on egg shells, hoping none will be broken. Either all hell is likely to break lose or they will be given the “cold war treatment.” This type of behavior is a negative way of taking control of other people’s spirits.

People should not have to feel they have to constantly do things to humor you, serve you, or bow down to you in order to live with you. Perish the thought!

God wants every person to feel the spirit of freedom around you, certainly not the spirit of slavery.

It is very important we rule our own spirits so that we do not control people around us by negative moods. These put others in a strait jacket of negative servitude or fear lest they say the wrong thing to us. This is satanic and devilish.

I will continue writing on how to rule over our own spirits.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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AreSlowProverbs 16:32: “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.”

The man who is slow to anger is far more mature than a person whose anger rises quickly. Controlled anger may have its legitimate place, especially in dealing with the sinful, unjust, rebellion of those who practice evil at the expense of the defenseless, innocent, and poor.

A person who is slow to anger has learned to rule their own spirit. We need the divine assistance of the Holy Spirit to help us in this important matter. As Christians we must never be known as angry people. As disciples of Christ we are called to peace and meekness (Matthew 5:5, 9).

Anger does not assist peace making. When people rub us up the wrong way, it is easy to let anger go to a more negative level. Some may think it’s okay to be angry as long as they don’t yell, scream, or throw things around. However, I think that quiet anger that refuses to talk, refuses to acknowledge, refuses to listen, refuses to look in the eye, and that quietly plans revenge is just as dangerous as those who give vent quickly.

Both types of anger are not good and must not be allowed to reign in our spirits. God wants to fill our lives with better and greater things.

To be continued.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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MakePeaceIsaiah 58:12: “Thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.”

Men, it is very important for us to be ministers of God’s peace, especially within our own families, as well as those who are close to us. In order to be vessels whom God can use to bring peace to troubled hearts around us, we first of all have to go to all those whom we may have offended (rightly or wrongly), humble ourselves, and seek to put things right.

If we make a practice of doing this, which may have to be repeated over and over until the breakthrough comes, we will discover that God’s healing peace will lift people up out of all heaviness, depressions, and hurts. it will set them free. It will restore the moving of Gods Spirit in both your own life as well as their lives.

In most cases, it is very important to act as quickly as possible so the enemy of our souls does not have time to make matters worse, which he loves to do. The enemy, Satan, is always trying to destroy the unity and peace God provides for all families that belong to Him.

If we do not seek to heal the breaches, genuinely seeking peace, then the enemy will quickly divide and destroy us. It is very easy to stand aside and speak negatively of what we perceive as the wrong doing of others. If we are going to get our tongues involved, we must use them to pray and speak only the things that somehow and in some way minister peace, healing, and restoration.

Sadly, there are so many families that are tearing themselves apart when they could bring peace and unity, if only they would set their hearts to do so.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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TeachablePsalm 25:90: “The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way.”

True meekness is not only willingness to be merciful and gentle with people, but to demonstrates a teachable spirit. How can we be taught if we do not listen to correction? How can we know which way to go if we do not listen to direction?

When God told Solomon He would give him anything he wanted, he asked for a listening heart. in 1 Kings 3:9 (GW) Solomon said: “Give me A HEART THAT LISTENS so that I can judge your people and tell the difference between good and bad.”

There are those who are too big for their boots. They are high in their own estimation. They refuse to be corrected. Perhaps they will learn from their own mistakes, but even then, some will not because they refuse to be meek.

It must be difficult for a judge to deal with people who have multiple offenses for some type of crime. These people spend years in prison because they refused to be meek enough to hear instruction.

Proverbs 12;15: "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.”

Proverbs 15:5: “A fool despiseth his father’s instruction: but he that regardeth reproof is prudent.”

Proverbs 15:12: "A scorner loveth not one that reproveth him: neither will he go unto the wise.”

A teachable spirit is a beautiful thing to behold. It is easy to be around those who want to learn and are eager listeners. Bull-headed people, full of their own opinions, are difficult to be around. A man may have a high IQ and be very gifted, but if he does not have meekness and is not a good listener, who wants to be around him for any length of time? I am sure that God feels the same way.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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LifeYokedJesus says in Matthew 11:28-30: “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Jesus calls all struggle with the heavy negatives and burdens of life to come to Him for rest. He invites us to let Him take control of our lives for He is meek and lowly in heart. Jesus is not a hard taskmaster. He does not beat us into submission and scold us for our failures. Yes, there is a yoke or a harness as well as loving submission. There will be some easy burdens to bear, but He helps us. He is with us all the way and we find rest for our souls that no one else in this can provide.

Men, it is a blessing to be able to serve a meek master, One who understands our weaknesses and flaws. Our Lord Jesus leads His followers with meekness in the fullest sense of the word. He is not bad-tempered, exacting, and demanding and we find ourselves wanting to serve Him with all of our hearts. We find ourselves wanting to give Him our very best effort, expecting nothing in return. What grace He works in our hearts. The closer we get to Him, the easier the yoke is to bear and the deeper the rest in our souls.

Having said all this, we also find that Jesus is not a week push over. He is not tolerant for too long with our willful resistance and rebellion to His righteous ways.

In Revelation 2:20 Jesus speaks to us about the woman Jezebel who was in the church of Thyatira. She was committing fornication, calling herself a prophetess, and seducing other church members to commit fornication, etc. Jesus gave her space to repent, but when she would not repent, serious judgment befell, not only her, but all those who she deceived.

Meekness must not be allowed to stand in the way of righteous judgment. Meekness offers a space for repentance. Meekness provides an opportunity for mercy, but there comes a time when discipline has to be metered out when meekness is abused and trampled on.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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MeeknessNumbers 12:3: “Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.”

In this passage of Scripture, God makes it abundantly clear that He had a special relationship with Moses, above that of Aaron and Miriam who were both jealous of Moses’ leadership position (because of his marriage to his Ethiopian wife).

God commends Moses as being in a higher position than that of prophets. He commends him for his faithfulness in God’s house (which at that time was Israel).

Moses’ meekness must not be confused with weakness, softness, and tolerance towards those who opposed him. Moses was meek towards God and yet at the same time a strong warrior towards God’s enemies. Moses was not soft and tolerant to the powerful Pharaoh of Egypt and yet he was meek towards God.

Moses was so offended at the sin of Israel for making the golden calf at Mt. Sinai that he broke the sacred tablets of stone. His meekness towards God enabled him to be faithful in all God’s house.

Here we see two great virtues linked together--meekness and faithfulness (verses 3 and7). Meekness towards God does not hinder our faithfulness to stand against all that opposes God. Meekness toward God promotes tenacity and righteous anger towards all that opposes Him.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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PrayerAnsweringGodPsalm 34:6: “This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.”

Since last Monday night, when our relative/ neighbor had a serious head on collision, we have witnessed miracle after miracle. On Sunday morning Cal stood up and shared God’s Word with us--a walking miracle! Arden’s massive swelling around his shoulders, neck, and arm pits is disappearing . Isaiah who was speculated to be in a coma for months or years is now sitting up in a wheelchair and entertaining us when we visit him. We have so much for which to praise and thank God.

Despite all our short comings we are blessed by His mercies towards us as a family. This week we are in our eleventh week of meeting together as an extended family (adults and children) to pray and worship God. He is doing wonderful things in all our lives. Even though Arden has had the assistance of alternative protocols, as well as a low dose of chemotherapy, we all know that His turn around is miraculous and has to be the hand of God. We give God all the glory. He has not suffered any feelings of nausea, is becoming hungry again, and the color is coming back to his body. We have prayed that the chemo will have no negative effect on his good cells and God is answering our prayers.

We have Scriptures printed up all around the walls which we claim as we pray each night. One is Isaiah 10:27: “And his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed BECAUSE OF THE ANOINTING.”

Although this passage refers to Israel and the Assyrian bondage, we are encouraged that the taskmaster’s bondage and yokes which the enemy seeks to lay on us through disease and sickness can be destroyed because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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HaveMeekSpiritDo your family know you as a meek man? Do others know you for your meekness? Meekness is an extremely important quality in our Christian lives. If we do not realize this truth we miss much of the favors, blessings, and promises of God.

Men, I believe God has a special love for those who are meek. Some may argue that God has no favorites, that He is no respecter of persons, and that all people are equal in God’s eyes. But what does God say?

“The meek shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise the LORD that seek him: your heart shall live forever” (Psalm 22:26). This Scriptures reveals that God favors the meek with sufficient food that satisfies.

“The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way” (Psalm 25:9). In other words, God reveals His ways and will to the meek, those who are teachable. Those who are not teachable do not receive this blessing.

“The meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace” (Psalm 37:11). This implies that those who are not meek will not inherit the earth. The enemy of our souls tries to convince us that the earth belongs to him and he will give it to those who worship him. The devil even had the audacity to try this deception on Jesus (Matthew 4:8-10). The truth is that God made the earth for the meek and without a doubt the meek will one day possess it.

“The LORD lifteth up the meek: he casteth the wicked down to the ground” (Psalm 147:6). God certainly shows special favors to the meek.

Be encouraged.

Colin Campbell

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