As a first-time mother in 2002, I had no idea what I was doing. After being induced, in labor for three days and pushing for two hours, they finally gave me a C-section. My baby was beautiful, healthy and 9 ½ pounds!

When he was one year old we found out we were going to have another dear little one. My doctor was more than happy to schedule another c-section.  When I refused, he told me "good luck" in finding a doctor. He was more than right. I did not find a doctor, but God lead me to a wonderful midwife!  She was more than happy to attend my birth at the hospital.

It was a very empowering experience to give birth to a baby the way God intended--without surgery! Yet it was not until our third pregnancy that I felt the full power of God's plan for birth. My midwife, pleased with my previous birth, let me take the reins this time. I had no IV and only minimal monitoring. I labored in the shower and on the birth ball. With the help of my wonderful husband and my best friend, we brought a wonderful baby into the world with hardly any intervention.

I have since birthed number four at home, in the presence of God and His plan for birth!  After 36 hours of labor, which would have ended in a C- section at the hospital, we brought her gently into the world with NO interventions.

Birth should be a beautiful experience, and when it's not, it can really scare a mother.  After the trauma of my first birth, I have now learned to trust God in the birth process. It is a blessing to bow to His knowledge which is greater than anything we can comprehend!

VBACS are possible, wonderful and healing!

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