PMS Symptoms Increased After Tubal

In 1987, ten months after our fifth child was born, I had a tubal ligation. We were experiencing financial difficulties and thought we couldn’t afford our present situation, let alone any more children!

From that point on I began a downhill, emotional and physical spiral. My PMS symptoms increased. Within three years my menstrual cycles became irregular with both spotting and increasing abdominal and back pain.

I went to an Advanced Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar and cried through a great deal of it. Sometime shortly after, I called Dr. David Brewer and spoke with him regarding a tubal reversal. From a financial standpoint, it was impossible. That began the years of praying and waiting that followed.

In the beginning my husband was not in favor, except he knew that I did not feel well. However, the Lord changed his heart.. By listening to Dr. Vicki Hufnagel on a secular radio station, and through a little boy who became his friend, he began to want more children as much as I did.

In November 1992 we came to Chicago for the surgery. We believe it was the hand of the Lord who provided our housing and financial means while there. Our insurance paid for my uterus to be suspended and Dr. Brewer made an agreement with us to accept my wildlife paintings as payment for the reversal part of the surgery.

I have had many miscarriages since my surgery, some so painful I thought I might die, but the Lord has brought me through. We thank the Lord for each and every one of our heavenly children.

The Lord has been gracious to us and blessed us with a son, Earnest James who is two years old. Earnest is a very special blessing. The joy and exuberant spirit of a little child is such an uplift to us all. The older children are very thrilled with him. They miss him if they are gone for several days, or at work. It is a challenge not to spoil him. He has also come into our home at a time in our girls’ lives, to enable them to learn about childcare first hand.

We thank the Lord Jesus for His abundant mercy and to God be the glory.

Milo, Iowa, USA

Joe and Beth are blessed with six children, Joey (20), Michelle (19), Rachel (15), Rebekah (13), Tim (10) and Earnest (2) who was born three years after the reversal.

Written April, 1997

One child since reversal.


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