Motherhood | An Eternal Soul!

An Eternal

"The birth of a babe is a mighty event...In
the darkest hovel in Brooklyn, in the
dingiest attic or cellar, or in any place in
which a human being sees the first glimpse
of light, the eye of the Omniscient beholds
an occurrence of prodigious movement.

 A life is begun, a life that shall never end.

 A heart begins to throb that shall beat to the
keenest delight or the acutest anguish. More
than this--a soul commences a career that
shall outlast the earth on which it moves.
The soul enters upon an existence that shall
be untouched by time, when the sun is
extinguished like a taper in the sky, the
moon blotted out, and the heavens have been
rolled together as a vesture and changed

 Theodore Cuyler.

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