I wish you could have stayed,
I miss you growing inside of me.


 I would have loved to have seen your face,
I want to hold you endlessly.
But even though I won’t feel you in my arms
I hold your memory in my heart.



 And I’ll sing with the angels

A lullaby of love,

And as you’re soothed by the feathered wings

In your cradle high above,

 ear my voice…your mother’s lullaby of love.



If I could only look in your eyes

And you could see mine shine with

how much I adore you.



 Were they the color of your daddy’s or mine?
And I know they had a beautiful hue.
I wonder what would have been your name,
But I’m so glad you came…for awhile…



 One thing I know I haven’t lost you,

You’re with your Creator by a celestial stream,

You were made for heaven, darling,

 One day I’ll hold you and it won’t be a dream.



 This song, written by Serene can be heard on Serene and Pearl’s album, PEACE ALL OVER ME.

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