Miscarriage | He is with Me all the Way


MiscarriageI delivered our sweet baby at home and we buried him here in our forest. This would have been our 12th precious baby. I have been writing a lot since I lost my baby. Here is a poem I wrote recently.

The sun shines brightly,
The sky is a deep blue,
Fluffy white clouds drift by
And then she looks in the mirror,
Notices how her shirt is not full,
How it gives the impression of a roundness.

Her hand touches that spot,
The roundness of the shirt . . . it flattens,
She imagines what it would've been like by now,
This week would've been 25 weeks,
The kicks and the squirms,
The dreams and excitement--gone with the touch of that spot.
Her breath catches in her throat
And there's that feeling again,
A sinking. A sadness.
Her face reflects it. And she remembers.
He's gone. In the arms of Jesus.
I'm here and I step forward.
He is with me all the way and all the time.


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