After a miscarriage, I felt God spoke these words to my heart,

"Most people view a miscarriage as a loss-- a victory for the enemy because he stole a life. That is not the perspective I want you to have.

I want you to see it as a privilege to have made and carried this baby for my eternal purposes which you know nothing about. I wanted a Fowler child but chose not to take one of yours that you already know so well. You will share eternity with this baby but I didn't need her in this world.

You gave me permission to give you whatever children I want for My glory and My purposes. You have understood all of your children to be gifts from Me-- only lent to you for a time.

Only I can decide how long or short to grace your earthly life with each child. Remember, My purposes and plans are always eternal. You are limited to an earthly perspective.

Do not be cast down, but rejoice, and take joy in the child I've shared with you. You may call her 'Angel'."


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