Marriage | What Is Marriage


A Formidable Force

One man, one woman,

   Fused into one.

God's plan! Is there a better?

   There is none.


One body, one flesh--


One purpose, one vision--


One soul, one spirit--



What is the foundation?

Praying together daily--

   High priority!

Reading God's Word together daily--

   Paramount for success.


What does it take?

   Sacrificial love.

   Yieldedness and submission.

   No longer "me" but "you."

   Laying down my life.

   Delighting to serve.


What is the fruit?

   A union that cannot be broken.

   A union that survives the storms of life.

   A union that forges a path for God in this world.

   A union that builds a godly generation

     for now and generations to come.


What is the power?

   A God-fearing family that is

       formidable to the enemy!


~Nancy Campbell

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