Our Kitchen Table

When you come to our house, you will find
An old wooden table that is scarred with time.

As the table is set before company arrives,
Must I apologize for the stains that have survived?

Should I throw a cloth on the table that tells a sweet story?
A history of our family, the little marks of glory?

Our table is where Daddy sits, rightly at the helm,
Searching as the Bible is read, for that Heavenly realm.

Olive vines and palace pillars fashioned in Psalmist style,
Raising kingly children, can become a difficult trial.

We delight in His Law early, the first fruits of our day,
In the morning we seek Him, His treasure will not decay.

Like knights of the roundtable, with polished armor equipped,
Spiritual weapons dispersed, rulers of darkness are whipped.

“Look to the Father Above, give Him your loyalty,
For He has adopted us, our claim to royalty.”

Where Proverbs is taught, “Hear, my son and be wise,
When Honey Lips are loosed, allow no compromise.”

“Only in the fear of the Lord, wisdom can be found,
To depart from evil, understanding becomes your crown.”

When we gather at the table, and our heads are lowly bowed,
In God we put our trust, thankful His gifts we’ve been endowed.

It is where dreams are launched and goals are expressed,
“Seek courage from Him, the Lord gives success.”

We place the Red Plate stating, “You are Special Today,”
You belong to this family, though come what may.

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