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It's surprising. Actually, it's sad! I find more and more young people do not know the traditional nursery rhymes. As a child, and when I raised our children, it was expected that every child could recite all the nursery rhymes by heart. We knew them from toddler age.

Is it that mothers do not take time to read to their children now? Or is that they do not know the power of reading rhyme to their children?

NannyNursuryRhymes3Dcover wI encourage you to read nursery rhymes to your children. I know you may think it a little ridiculous to teach your little ones some of the traditional nursery rhymes. They do not contain a lot of positivity. However, it is still important to read to them in rhyme. That's why I have written this new nursery rhyme book for this new generation--NANNY'S NURSERY RHYMES.

Here are 10 REASONS to read nursery rhymes to your children, from babyhood onwards:

1. Nursery rhymes give your children a delight for listening. Listening is one of the most important skills to teach your children. Their ability to listen affects their future. We all know that "listening comprehension precedes reading comprehension." The rhythm and beat of nursery rhymes give pleasure to the ear and therefore encourages them in this wonderful art from the beginning.

2. Nursery rhymes are good for their brain. The repetition of rhymes builds memory capabilities that can be applied to all areas of life.

3. Nursery rhymes prepare your children for reading. They are the "springboard to literacy." They give your child a head start in their education.

4. Nursery rhymes "boost language development." They lay the foundation for understanding words and even help with spelling. A study by Bryant, MacLean and Crosland (1990) revealed that children who were familiar with nursery rhymes from an early age became much more advanced in their spelling and reading abilities. Did you know that in 1945 the average elementary school student had a vocabulary of 10,000 words? Today, the average child has a vocabulary of only 2,500 words!

Although the rhymes are simple in NANNY'S NURSERY RHYMES, they also introduce words and content with which your children may not be familiar. This is good--another opportunity to teach a new word. Teach them what it means. Get them to say it out loud after you.

5. Nursery rhymes help with memorization. They are easy to learn because of the rhythm, rhyme, and repetition of the words. Little babies are drawn to listen to rhythm--the first sound they hear is the beating rhythm of their mother's heart. Research also shows that the more beat in the words, the more they love to listen and the easier they memorize.

As you read and recite the rhymes over and over they remember them for life. My children grew up reciting all the traditional nursery rhymes (I wish I had thought of writing NANNY'S NURSERY RHYMES when they were young!).

They loved rhyming books and I loved reading them. One of our favorite children's authors was Bill Peet (who has now passed away). Look for his books (available on Amazon). You will love them. One of the children's favorite was "Huge Harold." Today, even in their late forties they still like to quote a phrase from the book and even say it to their children:

"Doggone and Dagnabit,
That's what I call a whoppin' big rabbit."

There was something about the rhythm and rhyme of those words that appealed to them.

6. Nursery Rhymes help expand your child's imagination.

7. Nursery rhymes help children with math skills. Many nursery rhymes use patterns and sequence which help children to learn simple math skills. Other nursery rhymes also use counting.

8. Nursery Rhymes create memories of the warmth and safety of mother's love. Because you read to them while they are nursing, sitting on your knee, or cuddled by your side, they not only learn rhymes, but associate them with love and happiness.

9. Nursery Rhymes are portable. After you have read the rhymes to your children many times, they will know them by heart. You can then say them together when driving in the car or wherever you are together.

10. Best of all, Nursery Rhymes are fun. They are fun to read to your children. They are fun for them to listen to and fun for them to recite.

You will love this brightly-colored, delightfully illustrated NANNY'S NURSERY RHYMES.

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