When I was very young, my mother gave me the dream of marriage and motherhood. She spoke of marriage as wonderful and having the babies God wants to send as the best way. The seeds my mother sewed into me took root. Throughout my childhood my dreams grew and I started collecting my Glory Box at a young age. I dreamed of the type of man I would like to marry and chose names for the twelve children I would like to have.

Many years passed until the morning of 19th November 1989. I was 47 years old and my dreams had become reality. God had blessed me with a wonderful Christian husband and given us the children He wanted us to have. On that wonderful morning I was once more labouring to give birth. This was my twelfth pregnancy and the ninth baby to make it into the world. I was birthing at home for the first time and Kathleen was born into John's arms and then into mine. As she was born, a cheer went up around the room and the joy was overwhelming.

As I cuddled my baby that day I dreamed of always being with her through her childhood, of sharing every step of her life. That dream became reality as we homeschooled and did everything together. Now all too quickly, the 13 years had gone by.

Because of my involvement with Above Rubies, my daughter, Kathleen, and Calais (Val Stares’ eldest granddaughter) have been special friends. Therefore, when Calais celebrated her 13th birthday, we were among the honoured guests to be invited. It was such a special night and Kathleen was very blessed. As we drove home she asked me if she could have a dinner like Calais' at her 13th birthday which was nine months later. She asked for it to be a surprise, too.  How could I give her a surprise dinner that she was already expecting!

As the months progressed, I convinced Kathleen that I was unable to give her a dinner. My friend, Kay, who lives beside me, bought the food and created beautiful decorations at her home. The night before the party Kathleen stayed with her sister, Carmel, who had invited her to a concert the next night. As soon as Kathleen left, our team went into action. Within 24 hours our home was transformed and the food was prepared.

This party was for ladies only--those who had sowed into Kathleen's life, as well as 15 of her friends. We were not only celebrating Kathleen's birthday, but also her transition from childhood to womanhood and our goal was to encourage her to live God's Way. Calais' family blessed Kathleen with her Glory Box and each guest was asked to put something in it and to write an encouraging message to Kathleen. We exhorted her to walk with God through her teenage years, to hold fast her dream to be a woman of God, a wife and a mother and to wait for the man God is preparing for her.

Because this was a ladies' party, Kathleen's Dad and Kay's husband, Ray were in charge of the kitchen (under close supervision from Kay). Kathleen's brother, Mark and her nephew, Dean (who is ten days older than her) were the waiters. Throughout the night her friends took turns at performing items. The evening finished with the older women gathering around the girls and praying for God to bless their lives.

Today the forces coming against our daughters are very much stronger than they were when we were young. Let us take every opportunity to build God's ways into these precious young lives.

“Lord, let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done in our daughters' lives as it is in Heaven! Amen.”


Narangba, Queensland, Australia

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