My Glory Box

I dream of the day I’ll walk down the aisle
In a pure white dress with a beautiful style!

I pray for my man that he’ll be righteous and true,
Hard-working, faithful and really “true blue”!

I pray he’ll love children and have a father’s heart
And from our marriage covenant never depart!

I will wait with patience for this godly man
And while I am waiting I’ll prepare and plan.

I’ll make myself ready in every way
Purifying my heart and character each day.

I’ll seek to be honest in all that I say
To keep my marriage from going astray.

I’ll fill my “glory box” with goods for my home
And make it a place from where we’ll never roam.

I will gather treasures, useful and rare
To make our home a place that is fair.

I will be ready to make my home a delight
Filled with God’s presence, His love and light,

Enhanced by the assets I save in this chest
To make our home a “glory”, the very best!

By Nancy Campbell


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