How Do You Find a Good Man?

I always dreamed of being a wife and mother. After I graduated from high school I was confused about what to do next. How should I pursue my dream? I took a year to think about it and live at home while my missionary parents were in the States. When my parents went back to Kenya I went to Bible College thinking that it would be a good way to find a man who wanted to serve the Lord.

After accumulating more debt than I was comfortable with and breaking up with a boyfriend I realized that I was doing things my own way instead of God’s way.  Dating was not working out (even though I sought to please the Lord in these relationships) and college was a very expensive place to look for a man. Because my parents were in Africa I decided to move in with my aunt and try to get back on track. I found peace submitting to my aunt’s wisdom and seeking after God. She found me a good job at the hospital where she is a nurse and put me on a strict budget so that I could pay off my debt quickly. The only “social” event I attended was Sunday morning and evening church.

It was at church that I met a man who was too busy serving the Lord to notice women. Chris was working as a garbage man during the day and ministering to homeless and drug addicted men at night. Every Sunday morning he woke up early so that he could pick up as many men who were awake and interested to go to church. I asked him if he wanted help on a Saturday night. He didn’t think I would like the places he went but he did want a woman along so that he could help some women he had met. I prayed that if this was God’s man for me that he would notice me and talk to my father about me.

The same week that I paid off my last bills we went to the city to minister together for the first time. He said that I was the only girl who wasn’t afraid in the city at night. My parents were home from Africa for some medical reasons so my father was able to meet Chris and talk about our future together. It was soon clear to us that God was leading us to serve him together. Chris was able to ask my father if he could marry me in person. After working together for only six months we were married in the church where we met. We have now been married and serving the Lord together for over ten years. We have six children, three boys and three girls.
How do you meet a good man? I tell my daughters that if they are busy following the Lord and doing things His way they will meet men who have the same priorities. When you meet a man who loves and serves the Lord don’t be afraid to introduce yourself but let God do the rest.

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