We Just Knew!

I was 22 when my pastor-to-be husband died quite unexpectedly. The Valley of the Shadow of Death was my new path, and though the grief gushed through me, leaving my soul and body to literally ache, God was there with His amazing peace and grace. I had been blessed with a fantastic husband, the kind every girl wants and every parent wants for their child. He and I met in Jr. High and were best friends all the way! 

I told the Lord I did not want to "date" and that that if He had another husband for me, I would just "know" he was the one upon meeting the man. 

Two weeks after Anthony's death, my "spiritual mom" Shelly, (my husband's cousin) and her pastor husband, Tim, took me out to dinner. They asked if I would begin praying for a new husband. I was shocked. 

“It’s only two weeks since Anthony’s death!” I replied. I told them I had already made the commitment not to date, but to actually pray for a husband so soon? Well, I obeyed, and prayed for this man. 

Most every Sunday after church, I went over to my cousin's house for lunch.  One sunny, summer Sunday there was a car I didn't recognize parked out front. I thought it was odd as I know everything about Tim and Shelly. I parked my truck and walked across the road to see a young man playing ball with their youngest son in the front yard. As soon as we made eye contact, I knew. I knew. It was him. I freaked, but tried to remain calm, running into the house without saying a word. Shelly immediately ushered me back out for an introduction, but I was shaking like a leaf, which is unlike me. She formerly introduced Craig and me. We said hello, shook hands, and it sealed the deal. Though I tried to hide it from Shelly, not totally believing it was true, Shelly, my wise, spiritual mom, knew. 

After lunch, Craig saw and read my key chain: "Children need the darndest things, be an organ and tissue donor." He asked me if my husband had been a donor.  I replied “yes” and he said that he was celebrating the one-year anniversary of his liver transplant. He expressed his deep gratefulness for the choice his donor family made in the midst of their grief and asked if I could help him write a letter to them. Of course I said “yes.”

Three weeks later, on July 4th, I hosted a cookout at my house before the Wednesday evening services and fireworks. Craig was there, and it was pretty obvious he felt the same way about me, though we had only seen each other twice before at Shelly's. Unknown to anyone else, he had been praying for quite some time for a wife. He also did not want to date, but wanted to just "know". 

He felt it would take someone very special to be his wife, not knowing the longevity of his new liver, or what complications might arise.  At the close of the evening, after everyone had gone home, Craig and I sat on my front stoop. "You know, don't you?" I stated. And he replied with a simple, "yes.” There was a long silence.  It took some time to really believe that God had brought us together and we would be husband and wife. This was really big!  HUGE!!  After a bit, I asked him what his last name was! We laughed and the rest is history!  We're living happily ever after.

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA
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Craig and Molly’s sweet blessings are Olivia (5) and Mason (3) and five in Heaven through miscarriage. Molly adds, “Because we both have experienced the fragility of life, separately and together, we strive never to take life and what the Lord has given us for granted. Every breath, every step, even in the valley, is so precious. Looking back on nine year of marriage, I wouldn’t change anything, the mountains and the valleys.” 

Printed in Above Rubies # 75.

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