The Sunset Walk

Our families have worshipped together for years and both our mothers had been secretly making wedding plans since we were little. We were involved together in serving families in our church as well as participating in mission trips to both Canada and Mexico. Although best friends for years before our courtship, our families held us both accountable and we maintained the highest level of purity.

I made a list of qualities I wanted in a Godly husband, and Nathan more than fulfilled all of them. It was just a matter of waiting... it had to be God's timing. I knew, and he knew, but it had never been discussed.

After I completed my home education, Nathan asked my father if he could begin courting me. Our courtship lasted about five months. On the 26th of October, and after dinner in town, he brought me home, and we took a sunset walk. He led me to Pine Forest, a wooded area on our property where he had planned a romantic location to propose. The ladies from our church had carefully carried out his instructions--rose petals on the walk, soft music playing through the trees and candles flickering. It was breathtaking. 

After he proposed, and I accepted of course, we walked back to my parent’s house, where several of the families from our church had gathered for a celebration. We were married two months later in a fairytale wedding at an historic chapel surrounded by our families and closest friends. We saved our first kiss for our wedding day. Our wedding was beautiful, but our marriage is heavenly. 

Inez, Texas, USA
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They married in January 2008--Jackelynn was 19 and Nathan 20 and are now expecting their first baby.

Printed in Above Rubies # 75.

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