We were in need of a new dining table, but as anyone with more than 1.8 children knows, you need a large table for a large family, especially when you practice hospitality.  A few years ago Marty decided he would like to build us one with a slab of plywood (4ft x 8ft) on two large pedestals.

I decided that when he built it that I would tile it, but the tiles we liked were $3.00 each or more. The edging tiles were over $2.00 each and we needed "lots and lots" of them.

Here's the story. Christmas '02, Marty's brother gave us a gift card to Home Depot and Martin bought all of the wood with the card, but we still didn't have the tiles.  Last year on our anniversary, as Martin was getting ready to leave work, he heard a guy from the factory next door throw something into the dumpster with a "clang." It was some tile scraps, the same tile we had wanted to buy. Praise the Lord, there was enough to cover the whole plywood.

All we needed now were the bull-nose edged tiles. This past Christmas '03, Martin's boss gave him a Home Depot gift card and we decided to purchase the edge tiles. I noted the tiles were $2.19 each but then noticed a whole box of them with just the right number of tiles. I bought the grout, liquid nails and everything I needed. When I got up to the cash register, the cashier said, "These are ringing up wrong, it is supposed to be $1.00 each on these tiles."

"No, they are $2.19," I replied. "It says so on the shelf."

She called the manager who apologized, gave me the $1.00 tile price and a 10% discount for "ringing it up wrongly."  I now have a balance on my Home Depot card and a lovely marble-covered mosaic table. The coolest part is that God provided it all.


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