Erika and Dave Tiede are happy young parents of a growing brood of children.  They have been blessed with four lively daughters, and two energetic sons, including a set of twins! They feel blessed to live out in the country where there is lots of room and fresh air for the children.  Erika beams as she tells the news that they are expecting another baby in the fall!

As their family grows, so does the need for a vehicle to accommodate everyone.  With finances being tight with Dave starting a second business venture, they all prayed about a bigger van.

They had always trusted God with their family size and had faith he would provide for their growing family. One day, Derek, (one of Erika's ten brothers who owns a landscaping company) called her up with a message regarding a customer wanting to sell a large, roomy Suburban that seats nine comfortably.

"I thought you'd be interested," he said.

"Wow, that would be great," they replied and went off to check it out.

The man and his wife had five children and had used the vehicle for many trips to Florida. They told them to take it home for the weekend and test drive it. Erika felt like a queen in such a beautiful driving vehicle and all the children were excited.The next evening, the children were talking about it in the hopes that the man would sell it to them at a good price.

Erika said, "You know, children, whatever we drive is okay. If you think about heaven, we can't take anything with us anyway."  She then took the funeral memoir of her sister Monika and her seven children (who tragically perished in a house fire 17 months before) and showed it to her children. Look, Auntie Monika took her seven children and the one in her tummy to heaven with her for eternity . That's  what I want.  I want all of you to come with me to heaven.  It doesn't matter what we have, none of it will come with us!"

The next day, Dave called her and said, "The man doesn't want to sell it."

"Oh, that's too bad," replied Erika, hiding her disappointment.

"He wants to GIVE it to us? What? I can't believe it!" her voice faltered as she cried tears of joy and thankfulness.

Her brother told her that the guy talked with his wife about how they were such a nice family with number seven on the way and they decided together, "Let's just give it to them."

What a reward from God for having a heart free from the things of this world . . . GOD PROVIDES!  He saw Erika and Dave's faith in Him for the size of their family, and His promises, and he rewarded them in such a heart-warming way.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and mercy to those who trust in Him!

Written by JULIA JANSON about her sister, ERIKA TIEDE.




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