Double Blessings Keep Happening

I would like to introduce to you my friend, Patty Kohl. We have been friends for 18 years or so. We both lived in Illinois. About 15 years ago she and her husband, Barry, moved to Kentucky and finally settled in Tennessee. We missed them dearly and our phone bills showed it. I believe the Lord puts special friends in our path for reasons far beyond our understanding.

Three years ago, our children, Rebecca (our daughter) and Jeffrey (Barry and Patty’s son) were married on a beautiful October day with all 22 of us present, among many family and friends--Barry and Patty and their nine children and their son in-law Matt, along with Shane and me and our nine blessings. Oh by the way, Rebecca and Jeffrey are both the second oldest of nine children from both of our families. It was the sweetest thing as our two families folded into one.

On July 7th  2004, we made the big move to the south, after many years of prayers and searching for direction. Have you ever waited years for prayers to be answered? Just be patient, the Lord will come through. He is always faithful. Our move was just in time to prepare for the birth of our grandchild. Patty and I were firstly friends, and then became grandparents together, the first grandchild for both of our families

Patty and I were honored to be present for the birth. We prepared our hearts and prayed much prior to that special day—a beautiful September day, 2004. On the way to their house, my heart pounded with excitement. Not only was I going to be there for a birth of a new child into this world, but my daughter was giving birth to my first grandchild. Patty and I arrived separately, but took our roles we each specialized in as Mother-in-law and Mom. I know we both have a special place in their home. As the afternoon went on, I could sense the Lord with all of us in the room. We worked together—helping, caring and praying. What one of us did not think of, the other did.

Zachery Reuben Kohl came into this world on September 10 at 4:27 pm. He weighed 8 pounds and was 22 inches long. He is the most precious baby ever born! The four of us, along with the midwife and her assistant, cried and laughed and rejoiced in the wonder of the birth process. I have seen it many times and been involved helping friends but I am amazed each time I have the honor to be at a birth.


But there’s more yet! Rebecca was due to have her second baby! We have another daughter in Illinois who was expecting her first baby. They were due one week apart. Never did we expect them to give birth the same day!

Rebecca called on the eve of the 17th to tell me her water had broken slightly and to be on alert. Her first birth was very quick and she we wanted us to be ready as soon as she called. We waited until the early morning hours and finally got the call that things were progressing and for me to come. Oh how exciting, another grand baby would be born today, another life to hold and love!

I arrived at her home. We got settled in and decided to let her rest a little. I made a pallet to rest on too. I put my cell phone under my pillow in case my older children at home called and I could answer quickly. It didn’t take long for the phone to ring. It was my daughter, Kara, in Illinois calling to tell me she was on her way to the hospital as labor was progressing and she too was about to give birth!

Oh my, what excitement! The morning hours were busy calling and texting back and forth such messages as, “My water broke, pray all goes quickly,” or “Pray, she’s getting ready to push,” or “We love you, you can do it!”

Rebeccca birthed first in Tennessee. We called to tell them that she had a baby daughter, Caitlin. They could hear the cries of joy in the room and the excitement passed on to Kara in Illinois. Approximately four hours later, we received the call that Kara had given birth to Jason. The joy then spread back here to Tennessee. It was like passing the joy back and forth.

Words cannot express the joy! A double blessing in the same day! Cousins with the same birthday, grandparents twice, and two precious babies who prayerfully will both come to know the Lord at an early age.


RENEE CASEY (Mommy and grandmother (aka “Mimi” says grandson Zachary)

Cornersville, Tennessee, USA

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Blessed to be married to Shane, and Mom to David (24), Rebecca (22), Kara (20), Jordan (16), Timothy (14), Hanna (11), Michaela (9), Josiah (8) Sarah (7) and Kailey (9  months) as at September 2006.


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