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Avoiding Medical Myths

In the Summer of 2014, I found I was expecting our next baby! We had eight children and I had my last four via VBA2C, after saying “no” to unnecessary repeat c-sections. Soon after, we found out it was twins! Everything felt different than usual! I immediately committed to eating at least 160 grams of protein per day, trying to obtain 3000 high nutrient calories, and increasing my fat intake. The goal was to increase blood volume, and reduce the risk of prematurity and pre-eclampsia. It worked!

While the pregnancy was far more challenging than usual, (and I generally make big babies--my biggest was 10 lbs 9 oz) I suffered from no real complications. I began laboring at 37 weeks and delivered my daughter, Lorelei Rose, with only a couple of pushes at 12:38 am. She was 7 lbs. 10 oz., perfect and beautiful!

While I enjoyed her latching on the first time, my contractions started up again. Ezra Gideon turned from vertex to transverse, but my wonderful OB simply skillfully rotated him back to the head down position. He followed his sister by 14 minutes, and was born at 12:50 am, weighing in at 8 lbs. 1 oz. Most at the birth remarked that they were the biggest twins they had ever seen!

I am healthy and strong, and keep young as I enjoy the blessing of babies as long as God sends them! My big, healthy twins dispelled so many myths about multiple pregnancies, about closely spaced pregnancies, about older mothers, and about having many children. They are growing big and strong, and continue to melt my heart with every day!

There are a lot of medical myths and scare tactics surrounding pregnancy. Some of these myths are:

1) Pregnancies that are closely spaced are in danger and unhealthy.
2) Pregnancies that occur after the age of 35 mean poor outcomes and a high likelihood of babies who are “abnormal,” therefore they are not desirable.
3) Having several pregnancies means your body will be “worn out” and unhealthy and damaged.
4) If you are pregnant with multiples, you will likely have preterm babies, low birth weight babies, and need lots of pregnancy testing, intervention, and a c-section to deliver.

I can assure you that all of these myths are not true. These are the myths that have been conjured up by the feminist, birth control, abortion, and medical intervention machine to discourage pregnancy in the above circumstances.

These myths dissuade families from giving God the full reign to plan for their family.

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Printed in Above Rubies #92. Andrea also wrote her testimony in Above Rubies #87 about having babies after c-sections. You can check it out at this link:

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