Colin and I are currently using THE DAILY LIGHT for our Morning and Evening Devotions with the family. This book is the world’s favorite inspirational guide. It is easy to use because it has Scriptures put together on a particular theme for a morning and evening reading.

It is a great guide for husbands who are not familiar with taking Family Devotions with their family. Often they do not know which passage of the Word of God to read to their family. THE DAILY LIGHT takes all the sweat out of it because the Scriptures for you.

You can read the Scriptures or you can interject with questions and comments as you wish.

Here are some of the things we like to do:


When my husband reads the Scriptures from THE DAILY LIGHT, he asks questions as he reads. Here is an example.

May 24, Evening Reading

“Your iniquities have separated you from your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you.” Before he reads on he may ask, “John, what does the word iniquities mean? If he doesn’t know, he’ll ask one of the other children.

Next question: “Why do you think our sins hide God’s face from us?” Ask one of the children to answer. If they don’t know, ask another child.

Next question: “If God has to hide His face from us when we sin, what should we do about it?” Get answers from the children. You will also be able to share again of God’s wonderful salvation and how Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to cleanse us and forgive us for our sin. What an opportunity to lead your children to Christ if they haven’t already made this decision.

You can ask as few or as many questions as you want to as you read through the listed Scriptures. There are usually only about seven or eight Scriptures in each reading.


Another thing my husband likes to do to keep the attention of everyone is to stop half way through a Scripture and see if they can finish it off by all repeating it out loud. This keeps them listening. You can do this as they become more familiar with the Scriptures. Here is an example.

April 3, Morning Reading

“My thoughts are not your thoughts…” What comes next? If they are familiar with the Scripture they may be able to say, “nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.”

“Be ready in season…” What comes next? Hopefully they can repeat, “and out of season.”


As my husband reads the Scriptures, he may stop and explain the meaning of a Scripture to make it simpler if he thinks they do not understand. This is good to do, but I don’t think it is effective as asking questions. The reason is that you will also explain the Scripture after you have received their answers to the questions.


This is for those who are becoming very familiar with God's Word. When I was a child I was encouraged to memorize the address of the Scripture as well as the Scripture. We were challenged that it was as important to know where find the Scripture as to know it.

When Colin and I were first married, we lived in a little home in Whangarei, New Zealand that was owned by the China Inland Mission. When we moved out of this home to go to the mission field, a dear old couple moved in. They had served the Lord in China until China’s doors closed and then moved to Formosa which is now Taiwan today.

They were in their eighties and dear Mr. Beard was bent over with age. They became our dear friends until they passed on to glory. They loved the Word of God and Mr. Beard used to read THE DAILY LIGHT every day. He became so familiar with the Scriptures that when he read THE DAILY LIGHT he would cover the Scripture references at the bottom of the page with his hand and check if he could remember where the Scripture was found. Most times he knew the reference to the Scripture.

Therefore, sometimes Colin will ask us to see if we can say the reference to the Scripture as he reads it—or at least see if we can think of the Book of the Bible from which it comes.

The above ideas bring more life, understanding and fun to your daily Bible readings.


Get all the children to follow you and repeat out loud important Scriptures that you want them to remember.




(NKJV version)

The Daily LightThe DAILY LIGHT is a compilation of Scriptures on a theme for morning and evening. These Scriptures were put together by Samuel Bagster and his family back in 1794. Yes, it is that old! But this book is timeless because it is only the Scripture.

The back cover of the book states…Thousands have experienced the spiritual rewards of daily reading these inspired Scripture selections. Each morning and evening devotional is designed around a biblical theme, giving you new insight into powerful spiritual truths. As you read DAILY LIGHT ON THE DAILY PATH, you will:

Find fresh insight into the promises of God

Experience triumph in every circumstance

Discover new purpose for your life

Uncover deep truths of the Bible

Acquire newfound wisdom

Build your faith

As you spend time with the Lord every day, His Word will transform your life, bringing faith, love, healing, and an ever-deepening personal relationship with Him.

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