Meditation Basket

Here’s an idea.

What about a Meditation Basket? Place in a suitable basket all the things that will inspire you when you have your Quiet Time (or not so quiet if the children are around you). You could put in it…

  • Your Bible
  • A Daily Devotional of your choice (I’m currently writing one for mothers which you’ll love to have when it is printed)
  • A different version of the Bible than you normally read
  • An old hymn book (it is wonderful to read some of the wonderful old hymns to inspire you in your walk with the Lord).
  • A hard-covered diary in which you can write the most important Scripture God gives you for the day.
  • Two or three pens (or even more as they seem to disappear quickly), as you want to have a pen on hand when God speaks to you.

Keep your Meditation Basket in the place where you love to sit with the Lord. Or, (the special blessing of having a basket), you can pick up your basket and take it with you anywhere in the house. Or, you can take it outside under a tree while you are watching the children play, or wherever you want to go. It’s all in the basket. You don’t have to run around finding everything when you find another cozy nook somewhere.

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