Here’s a tip that has helped me get more time in God's Word when schedules get busy. I have to admit I was not the originator of this idea.  It came from a conversation with Michelle Duggar (mama of many children). She shared how and she and her husband play the Bible on CD all night. When they awaken at night The Word is being played and they fall back to sleep listening to God's Word.  

I had been struggling with waking up at night and not being able to fall back to sleep for hours. I would try to pray but couldn't focus. As soon as I heard this idea, I purchased the Bible on CD and a CD player. I started turning it on as I went to bed and as a result have had the best night’s sleep I have had in years. No more being up for hours at night.

I have enjoyed such sweet listening/fellowship with God. God has spoken to me about different matters that I had been praying and thinking about and needing an answer to. There is definitely a different emphasis hearing God's Word read. It seems as if God himself is talking with me and encouraging me. Often I hear Him saying, “Don’t do such and such, it won't lead to blessings.”  

When I wake up for various reasons, it has been exciting to get back to bed and spend some time listening to God's Word. It purifies my mind as I sleep.

I now tell everyone about this little secret of “getting more time with God."  It is the most rewarding tip I have come across for squeezing in more time with God when I am with all my little children.

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