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One Person CAN Make a Difference!
How my Baby was Saved from Abortion

A heartbeat. A tiny kick. The sight of a little face on ultrasound. From the moment of conception, technology allows us to see that life is real and precious before it even enters the world. It seems unthinkable that anyone could deny what is plain to see, and yet that is precisely the lie that has torn our world apart today. The issue of abortion is so huge, so monumental, that it has reached a point where many modern day Christians feel they cannot even begin to make a difference.

The numbers are staggering, and it is easy to talk about it at the dinner table, then shrug our shoulders and say, "But, what can just one person, do about it?" I am here as living proof to tell you that ONE person CAN make a difference. One person can save a life. How much more when many "one persons" come together and form a body with a voice! One person speaking out saved me. The prayers of the saints saved me. I am a life that was saved from abortion by "every day" believers!

It was February 1992 when my mom found out she was pregnant. She was completely in shock. At the time, she had only been dating her boyfriend a short time. She was in school and lived a party lifestyle. She could not fathom bringing a baby into that life. She called her boyfriend, and the two of them decided their only option was abortion. Many in our family had gotten pregnant out of wedlock, and my mom felt she would be disappointing everyone if she continued her pregnancy.

When her mother, my grandmother, found out that her daughter was pregnant and considering an abortion, she quickly leapt into action. Immediately, she asked everyone she knew to ask the Lord to change my mom's heart and save the baby's life. Living in a different state at the time, she jumped on the very first flight out to see my mom.

My mom began having pain in her side a few days after taking the pregnancy test, and went to see a doctor. The doctor discovered she had an ovarian cyst, and performed a laparoscopic surgery to remove it. Despite tearful protests from my grandma, my mom went home and scheduled an abortion for February 14th. The day of the abortion, my mom and dad were met at the clinic by one of my aunts. She tried to block the door and begged and pleaded for them to reconsider, and save me. But, their hearts were hardened, and they went in.

The nurse began asking my mom questions about her health history, and found out she had recently had the ovarian cyst surgery. She said it was too soon to perform an abortion, and they rescheduled it for the next Monday. My mom went home that day with her mind resolved as ever. But, God had other plans. Throughout this time, my grandma had been fervently gathering the saints in prayer, and reading aloud Psalm 139. That night, as my mom lay in bed, she thought about the teaching career she so desperately wanted. She began to think of someday teaching a child who would be her baby's age. It was then that the Lord answered the ceaseless prayers of His people, and the words of the Psalms echoed truth into a lost heart.

My mom's hardened heart finally broke, and she cried out to the Lord for the first time. She asked Him to give her wisdom, for she saw no way out. She woke up the next morning, full of the peace that passes all understanding, knowing with all her heart that she was going to give me, her baby, life.

On Monday, instead of going to the abortion clinic, my mom instead went to a doctor's appointment that my grandma had, in faith, previously scheduled for her. There, she heard my heartbeat for the first time. She said she was overwhelmed as she saw me on ultrasound. For the first time, she realized, "This is my BABY!" And now she could not imagine ending this life, this miracle she now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt was HER miracle.

She immediately called my grandparents and told them her decision to keep me. I cannot imagine the overwhelming joy that must have filled their hearts, and the hearts of all the saints who had been praying. She told her boyfriend about her decision, and to her surprise and relief, he fully supported her and remained committed to raising their child together.

On October 15th, 1992, that little heartbeat on the ultrasound came in to the world: a baby girl, Bridget Myriah Muniz. I still tear up when I think of God's amazing sovereignty that brought us all to that moment!

The next 18 years that followed were full of mountains and valleys. My mother married her boyfriend, my father, and they had three more beautiful children together. Tragically, their marriage ended, but a few years down the road, the Lord blessed her with a godly husband and four more children, with another on the way! Through it all, the Lord healed her heart from the pain of near-abortion, and grew her into an incredible godly woman. We have become best friends, and every memory we have together is all the sweeter for knowing the Lord specially orchestrated our relationship.

My dad has always made it clear to me that he wanted me very much and has always loved me, even through many turbulent times. My grandma remains a huge part of my life, and I am forever grateful that she fought so fervently for my life! Every February 14th, on Valentines Day, my mom reflects back on that time of crisis and victory. She still feels pain when she thinks of how close she came to ending my life, and all that the two of us would have missed out on together. But each year, the bittersweet gets a little sweeter as the Lord reveals more of His purposes for our lives, and our family grows with new life. What the Enemy meant for evil, the Lord redeemed for good! What Satan meant for death, the Lord grew in to a lasting legacy of LIFE!

In June 2012, my husband and I welcomed our first child, Judah. His name means "praise" and everyone around us joined in praising our Lord for this precious miracle. I will never forget one morning as I sat nursing him with my sweet mother next to me. She stroked his silky soft hair and gazed at him with the purest love. Then she said softly, "I never considered the full impact that abortion has on life. It does not just stop one life; it stops MANY lives! If you hadn't been born, then your children never would have been either. What joy I would have lost."

A silence for one life is a silence for generations!

What a concept! When we disregard a life, we disregard the LEGACY of life that child has the potential to carry on. When we are silent for one baby, we are silent for generations. Think of the impact you have when reaching out to a mother in crisis. What would have happened if my grandmother had remained silent, not thinking she could make a difference as just one person? When you pray, when you minister, when your heart breaks to save a precious life, you are not just one fighting for one! You are fighting for a family!

Will you heed the call to defend the generations who are being lost? It was a child of God who interceded and spoke for me when I had no voice. Will you speak? It was fervent prayer that gave my children the chance to live. Will you fall on your knees in prayer? I pray that my story and the stories of others like me remains in your heart, a burning fire to leave a legacy of LIFE.

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